Smart Detox Link (DTOX2)

Find and reject toxic links.

Recover and protect your rankings from Google penalties and manual actions. Find toxic links that harm your website. Clean your profile of backlinks. Celebrate a Google recovery. Protect yourself from negative SEO.


Get automated SEO recommendations.
Perform a data-driven link audit with Link Detox Genesis® AI
Recover and protect yourself from Google penalties.
Speed up recovery from Google penalties with Link Detox Boost®.


Experience and data from 10000s of Google Penalties.
Central disavow file management and history.
Toxic link machine learning Link Detox Genesis®.
Training with Google Spam data.
Sophisticated filters and bulk operations.

LRT Smart - Introduction to the new Dashboard

Discover LRT Smart - The first tutorial

Introducing the new link audit PDF report feature in LinkResearchTools

Why Link Detox?

A loss in rankings can hurt your online business

Link Detox can help you keep your online business safe and get your traffic back.

The industry standard for backlink audits and link risk management

After Google's first Penguin update, Christoph C. Cemper created Link Detox, an SEO tool that became the industry standard for link auditing and link risk management. Learn more about the benefits of using Link Detox to protect your website.


Unique algorithm based on organic data

Link Detox Genesis® is an organic, data-driven algorithm that assigns a DTOXRISK to each link based on an aggregate calculation of multiple risk patterns and signals. It helps you assess all of your backlinks, recover from manual Google penalties, protect your website from future penalties, and build strong new links.

Link Detox Risk

Link Detox Risk is a unique risk metric that calculates the risk of any link and your entire domain (Domain DTOXRISK®). Judging the link risk of any individual link helps you decide which ones to reject, remove, or keep.

The original

Link Detox was the first link audit product released. Since then, we have helped thousands of companies recover from their sanctions. Link Detox was free for the first eight months, so it also gave us an advantage of many billions of data points that no other product could incorporate into its algorithm.

Full Backlink Profile

Link Detox provides you with the most comprehensive backlink profile possible. Of course, it is imperative that you analyze your entire backlink profile. Imagine that you would only look at one part of your car at the annual service and miss out on critical issues that could cost you your life. It's the same with backlink audits.
br>With 25 link data sources and the option to connect Google Search Console, Google Analytics, connect your custom link data APIs, and even upload any number of links, we've got you covered. Only you plan limits on the number of links you can audit for a domain

keyword intelligence

Link Detox supports keyword intelligence for a decade to understand if a link's anchor text is commercial in nature or a brand mention. Anchor Text ranking helps to understand risk assessed based on frequency, words and many more factors in Link Detox.

Link data cleaning and crawling

Combining 25+ link data sources would create a mess in other tools. LRT combines, cleans, and recrawls all links before presenting you with the results.
Is that the point of using link analysis software if you look at old data? This problem of inconsistent data in other products was, in fact, the main idea behind why we built LinkResearchTools.

Custom link data

You can upload any list of links you have to Link Detox to enrich our backlink data. While this will help the target have a full backlink profile audit, it is not required.

Deauthorization of import and generation of files

Link Detox supported Google's disavow file already 7 hours after the official announcement of that feature by Matt Cutts at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012. Since then, we've done our best to make handling the disavow file seamless for our users. users.

Disavowal of file management

Every action you apply to your disavow file is centrally managed by Link Detox. We create and maintain your disavow file. No more fiddling with text files and manual comparisons. We generate the file in the exact format required by Google.

Disavow File Audit

Let's face it: customers change, SEOs change. You are the one who takes over a domain with an existing disavow file. The first thing you should do is perform a disavow file audit. There you can find many useful links that you can disavow and get back the traffic you lost due to human error in the past or because the web changes on a daily basis.

Disallow file history

Link Detox keeps a history of all changes for you in your active account. This helps you keep track of the changes you or your team have made over time.
The disavow file history works as a version control for links and disavow files. Think of this as a revision history of your disavow file. You can even recover the previous disavow file with this feature.

link simulator

Link Detox works in conjunction with Link Simulator (SIM) which allows you to quickly review link opportunities and understand the potential increase in link risk to you.

Google search console integration

The more link data we have, the more accurate your analysis will be. You can connect Google Search Console with LRT. We even support multiple GSC properties for the same website, a secret tactic to get more links outside of Google Search Console.

Detox Attunement Link

You can adjust Link Detox to your needs and opinion. Link Detox Tune is a unique technology that allows you to change the weight of all Link Detox rules for your link audits.
This is especially useful for exotic niches or if you want to take a particular risk, e.g. when building a PBN.

link filter

You can check your links in Link Screener in a convenient way. Using the hotkeys on your keyboard, you can quickly navigate through the backlink profile and efficiently decide which links to reject and which to keep.

Off-label use: Blackhat

Some black hat SEOs use Link Detox to find patterns in their link networks and PBNs. Of course, Link Detox is the leader in finding traces and unnatural links, so this off-label use makes a lot of sense. Do not try this at home.

Audit NoFollow links?

NoFollow links can also trigger spam penalties on Google. We support you in your decision to audit them as well or ignore NoFollow links. You can even start auditing Follow links first and then end your audit by running it again for all, including NoFollow links. Better safe than sorry. More about the risk of NoFollow links and the new NoFollow 2.0 here

Find strong and healthy links

Using CDTOX you can search for strong and healthy links from your competitors. Of course, all the keyword rankings and data training you did in Link Detox will be used there as well.

Increase your disavow and links

Link Detox fully integrates with Link Detox Boost which helps you recover faster.

How Link Detox Smart works

More about Link Detox Smart

Interflora Google Penalty: A Deep Dive into Toxic Links

The Interflora Sanction caused quite a bit of attention in the industry. This case study demonstrates the use of Link Detox Classic to audit problems.

Learn from a deep dive into a Penguin 2.0 victim's spam penalty

Home24 was one of the first victims of the aggressive Google Penguin 2.0 penalty. This case study demonstrates the use of Link Detox Classic to find obvious and not-so-obvious spam problems. Most notable is the new impact spammy redirects had.

Can No Follow Links Put Your Website at Risk?

See how Christoph C Cemper used the Link Check Tool (LCT) to check the status of 4,649 spam link examples for 854 domains collected between August 16, 2013 and July 2, 2014. The results will amaze you.

Impact of NoFollow 2.0, UGC, and Sponsored Link Attributes

The introduced NoFollow 2.0 attributes changed the game for SEOs... read why.

Product manual for DTOX

What our users say.

A "must have" for all businesses dealing with link building

With the help of LinkResearchTools and their evaluations, we have already efficiently removed harmful links for many clients. But these tools have also helped in link building. My personal favorites are the Competitive Link Velocity and Link Juice Thief tools, with which link building can be made even more professional and successful. The LinkResearchTools are a "must have" for all link building businesses.

It saves you hours of work each month.

LinkResearchTools quickly became an essential part of my digital marketing toolbox. They provide a wealth of actionable information, are easy to use, and save you hours and hours of work each month.

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