Apmody - Blogger Template, Blogger premium

Apmody - Blogger Template, Blogger premium
Apmody - Blogger Template, Blogger premium

Apmody - Premium Blogger Template - is one of the most SEO friendly and well optimized blogger templates. It is fully optimized to provide app store features for bloggers. Apmody is built on modern web standards.
Apmody is suitable for you to create a website to share App APKs or App Mods and also share App Window. Not only that, Amody can also be used as a blog to share tips or personal information.

Apmody template features

Below are some of the basic features of Amody Template.

Feature Availability
Mobile Responsive Of
Application Schematic Markup Of
Seo Friendly Of
Ad Ready Of
Fast Loading Of
App Download With Safelink Of
Personal license Of
Read More Automatically With Thumbnails Of
Error 404 Of
Responsive Footer Of
Social Follow Button Of
Multi Drop Down Of
Article search widget Of
Related Posts With Thumbnails Of
Social Share Button Of
Email News Letter Widget Of
Recent Post Widget Of
Detailed documentation Of

Some advanced features

  • Bookmark Posts: This feature helps user to bookmark featured posts, it will be deleted if user clears cache or cookies.
  • Lazy Load Google AdSense: Helping blogs with ads from Google Adsense loads faster
  • Music Player: Music player feature, I also have a tutorial article Create a music player using JavaScript that you can refer to.
  • Cookie Consent: Informs the user that the Blog uses Cookies to store information.
  • Country Block: Block users from certain countries.
  • No Internet Connection: Notify when a user loses connection to the Internet.
  • Force Javascript: Help you deliver ads and content smoothly.
  • Multi-language support via Google Translate.
  • Countdown Download Box: Download button with countdown.
  • Realtime Downloads: Count downloads.
  • Real Time View: Counter real time view on a post.
  • Thanks Claps: Similar to the Facebook likes feature but with different sections.
  • HLJS tools (syntax highlighter)
  • Plugin script (Short Link + Secure Link
  • Safelink: Help increase your Blog visits thanks to the Safelink feature
  • Maintenance Mode: Maintenance feature, when enabled, users will receive maintenance notifications. Admins will not see this message to facilitate interface upgrades.
  • Quick Edit: When the Admin accesses the Blog page, a quick edit button will appear for your convenience in editing.
  • And many more other features.

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