3 Ways to Open a Closed Google Form (Update 2022)

How to open a closed Google Form is something that makes you curious, especially for students or workers. Because, many are wondering whether this can really be done or not.

Those of you who are studying or working may be very familiar with Google Forms. This essential feature of Google is usually used as a platform for creating questionnaires , surveys, attendance, or collecting assignments.

In its application, the form maker can set the circulation time on a scheduled basis. The form will close automatically within a certain time.

Well, this situation will definitely make you nervous who are late to collect assignments or are absent via Google Forms. Therefore, ApkVenue will try to give a guide on how to open a closed Google Form . Happy  listening!

Google Forms is a feature of Google that is used to create online forms. Its function can also be adjusted to your needs so you can make many things here, such as surveys, questionnaires, registration forms, quick counts, places to collect assignments, and attendance.

This service that is connected to Google Docs allows you to directly connect with the audience you are looking for. Because, they can immediately provide answers by filling in the Google Form .

This is where you can also directly collect the data you need. In fact, the data will be collected in real time so you can get it quickly.

This advantage is what makes Google Forms reliable by many people. Because, now you don't have to waste energy to collect data or get answers from many people at once.

This technology is also environmentally friendly. You don't need  print a lot of paper. Just share the Google Form link online, you can also get data from the targeted sample!

How to Open a Closed Google Form

In the Google Form system, there are two parties who have important roles. The first is the admin aka the creator of the form itself . The second is the participant or party who fills out the form.

The admin or the party who created the form has control over the form. That is, they can control how the form is made, including in terms of material and time of circulation.

When creating a Google Form, usually the admin will set the time so that it can only be filled in a limited time. Usually this is done by teachers, lecturers, or other teachers to facilitate the collection of assignments or attendance in learning activities.

Well, this is what makes a few students try to find out how to open a closed Google Form. This is because those who are late in filling out will usually be considered absent or get a minus score.

Back to the main question: can we as Google Form fillers reopen a closed form?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question above is no . You as a participant will not be able to reopen a closed Google Form or change its contents without the permission of the admin .

The good news is, you as the admin or creator of the Google Form can still open it even though it's closed, really! Here, ApkVenue shares some tips if you want to open a closed Google Form as an admin.

1. How to Open a Closed Google Form as Admin

As explained above, those of you who create Google Forms aka admins have authority over the forms that you create and share with other people. Such authority includes control over opening or modifying the content of the form.

To be able to open it again after closing, you need to follow a few steps that are fairly easy and fast. You can also do it yourself without having to ask Google for help. Please see the steps below:

  1. Go to the Google Forms site ( https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/?tgif=d ).
  2. Login to your Google account.
  3. Select the Responses menu .
  4. Change the "Not Accepting Responses" option to "Accepting Responses" .
  5. Go to the Preview section at the top right to reopen the form.
  6. Finished.

  7. It should be noted, this method can only be used if you are an admin or creator of the form. If you're only acting as a participant, the only way to unlock it is to contact and ask admin permission.

    2. Using Fake Account (Twice Charge)

    This method is usually used to open a Google Form that is used for quizzes or questionnaires. You must have felt wrong to fill in the data after submitting and closing the Google Form.

    That's why, it was really annoying to want to reopen the form to change the answer. However, again you must remember that you cannot open and modify the data, unless you are the admin or creator of the form.

    Investigate, it turns out that there is a way to reopen the form by filling it out twice. In this way, you will use a fake Google account to replace the main account. Check out the guide below!

    1. Open Google Chrome or another commonly used browser.
    2. Log out of your Google account/main email.
    3. Login to the alternate account you want to use.
    4. Open Google Forms with the alternate account.
    5. Fill in the data/answers in it.
    6. IMPORTANT: Do not fill in the details of the email or send it at the end.
    7. Log out of the account first after you fill out or know the question.
    8. Log back into your main account.
    9. Fill in the form again as before.

  8. 3. How to Open a Closed Google Form with Incognito Mode

    You really can't just fill out or reopen a Google Form that you closed earlier. However, it turns out that there is another way that you can use to fill out a form that has already been filled in.

    This method is to use an incognito mode on a browser such as Incognito Mode on Google Chrome. Check out the following method:

    1. Open the browser application that will be used to fill out the form (Google Chrome is recommended).
    2. Select New Incognito Mode by tapping the menu button at the top right.
    3. Open/copy the Google Form link you want to open in Incognito Mode.
    4. Fill in the form directly ( don't send it right away! )
    5. Return to normal mode.
    6. Fill in the form again as before.
    7. Submit / submit the form.

    BONUS: How to Make a Complete Google Form

  9. After knowing how to open a closed Google Form, you may also be curious about how to make surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, exam questions, or attendance forms there.

    It turned out to be very easy, gang. You can create various types of forms with this free program as long as you are familiar with how to make Google Forms. Moreover, you can also make it on PC and HP.

    Its use has also been integrated with other applications such as Google Drive and Google Docs . So later you can open Google Forms anywhere from your cellphone via the Google Drive application.

Download G-Drive

For how to create a Google Form on a PC or cellphone, please refer to the full guide in the article below, OK!

If you currently work as teaching staff such as teachers and lecturers, please check the guide on how to make multiple choice questions or essays in the article below.

The final word

That's the full explanation of how to open a closed Google Form . The normal way doesn't work. However, the methods that Jaka gave above are guaranteed to be able to open the form again even though it has been closed or you submitted it before.

However, Daily techs to remain honest in doing everything, yes. Don't force your will, than something bad happens, good bye!

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