Link Alerts (LA)

Control your backlinks and keep an eye on your competitors.

Use Link Alerts to be notified of new links to any domain. Keep an eye on your backlink profile, but also follow your competitor's link building campaigns.


Create a history of your new links
Recover dead links
Monitor and review backlinks
Keep your backlink profile clean


Get notified by email when I get new links
Easily set up new link alerts
Monitor your competitor's new backlinks
Integrate Google Analytics and other sources

What can be achieved with link alerts?

Link Alerts help you monitor the backlinks your site acquires over time. It helps you build a link history so you can monitor your link growth.

Here are the three main use cases for Link Alerts (LA):

Negative SEO Prevention

Competitive backlink analysis
automated tracking
Link Alerts (LA) monitors your backlinks and automatically notifies you via email of new links. Our unique SEO metrics help you assess the quality of new links at a glance.

Negative SEO Prevention
Your business depends on your website traffic. Nowadays, all kinds of bad linking practices can cause problems and loss of traffic. There are even companies that carry out "negative SEO" attacks against websites like yours.

But you don't have enough time and staff to track all those links. With Link Alerts, we help you monitor your website and let you know when a problem arises.

Link Alerts automatically scans the web for all new links to your website.

We also flag really bad links that could be part of a negative SEO attack. You can easily export those bad links for future uploading to Google to be ignored (rejected) or sent to your SEO team for review at Link Detox®.

Competitive backlink analysis

Your competitors are getting links like crazy! They run their own outreach campaigns on a scale 10 times larger than yours. However, you still want to outsmart them. Right? Now, who has time to do backlink checks every day and compare the differences? We do: Link alerts are like Google alerts for links!

Do you want to analyze the new backlinks that your competitors have?

Link Alerts is the answer to your problem.

Once set up, link alerts let you know when and where your competitors got new links. You can quickly decide if it's worth following up and trying to get that link (or a similar one). By using our powerful metrics like LRT Power*Trust™, you can easily see which links are valuable and contact the site owner right away.

And you know what's best: if you call a blogger a couple of HOURS after he's written about your competitor, he'll still be a potential customer. Congratulate him on the great post and try to clarify why YOUR site should be linked there as well. This works!

automated tracking

need help in

Track links from your own domain
Competitor Link Tracking
Link Tracking for Negative SEO
Link Alerts is a proven and stable technology since 2010.

Link Alerts uses all 25 link data sources (a unique feature of LRT) to crawl the web for new links a domain gets.

For each new link, we track important SEO metrics like our LRT Power*Trust and other "common" metrics. We also accurately check the link and anchor text for you; No more ghost chasing.

How easy is it really?

Just monitor your inbox. You will receive an email notification of new links and you can access the details with a single click.

Depending on the quality and power of that link, you can:

Contact the website owner directly
Add the link to your favorites, for later follow-up
Conduct a deeper investigation of backlinks on the linking site
Export the links you got in a specific time frame
Automate backlink monitoring with ease - set up link alerts TODAY.

Quick overview of results

Link Alerts histograms show all the usual metrics as you would expect. You can filter Follow Links, Do Not Follow Links, Mentions, etc. For example, if this is your site, you might want to adjust the filter to see only [LinkNotFound] results. In this case, the links were not found and you may want to explore further and try to reset them. Similarly, you can use Link Alerts to find brand mentions that you want to change to links.

Get all the detailed data about your new links

The link alert results table shows all the data for new links, including the date we found the link. The table can be fully manipulated with filters to display the data that is of most interest.

Advanced use of link alerts during manual removal of Google penalties

In the case of manual action by Google, you will need to run a Link Detox report and generate a disavow file. After uploading your disavow file, you must write a reconsideration request to Google, asking them to remove your Manual Action.

There is usually a period of a few weeks before Google's spam team responds. You are likely to come across some bad links during this Google disavow process, which could ruin all your good work. By setting Link Alerts, you will be notified of any new links and can deal with them accordingly.

You can mention in the reconsideration request that you will visit Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics daily and adjust your disavow file, if necessary.


Unique SEO Technique

This link building method is not available in any other SEO tool.

25+ Link Data Sources

Link data from over 25 combined data sources.

Full and rich exports

You get full XLS exports and rich PDF exports, while competitors stall their data exports at sometimes 10k rows.

brain link

We can help you with decades of SEO and link experience. This does not come naturally with all SEO software providers.

Dynamic Filters

Filter your results by up to 150+ SEO metrics.

no junk data

The links we do NOT give you are important! We pride ourselves on filtering out as much nonsense data from other sources as possible.

How Link Alerts work

Learn more about link alerts

Why is it so important to protect your website?

Taking care of your link profile is essential today. In this case study, Arda Mendes talks about why link risk management is so important. He shows how to use link alerts to keep an eye out for new fraudulent backlinks.

White Hat Link Building Techniques

Using link alerts in your link building campaign is a must.

How to protect your website from negative SEO

Negative SEO is now a real threat. Use Link Alerts to get alerts about problematic links coming to your site.

Product Manual for LA

What our users say.

Continuous improvement of the results of our clients

LinkResearchTools and, specifically, Link Detox provide us with actionable insights that continually improve our clients' search engine results.

I finally got to see those spammy links!

Well, we made the decision to upgrade our account and see ALL the toxic spam links pointing to our website; links that Google penalized us for in the past, and we're still trying to get away from them. Anyway, we found the list of toxic links, created a disavow file, and sent it to Google. Although Penguin is live, disavowing links is still crucial. We can already see the impact!

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