4 ways to open Facebook Forgot password and inactive mobile number, success guaranteed!

Forgetting your Facebook (FB) account password is definitely not very good, especially if the cell phone number used for recovery is no longer active. That is why it is very important to know how to open Facebook, forget the password of an inactive cell number, gang.

How not, the name of humans can certainly experience the name of oblivion. Even in the digital age where almost everyone has more than one social media account, we also have to remember the username and password of each account we have one by one.

Well, in the event that you forget your FB password, social networks actually provide a solution by sending a verification code to the cell phone number used during account registration. Subsequently, the code is useful for resetting your account password.

So what happens if it turns out that your mobile number is no longer active? Don't worry, Jaka has several solutions too, really. To be more clear, please refer to the article on how to open Facebook you forgot password via the following cell phone until finished, OK!

1. How to open FB Forgot password and inactive mobile number with email

According to the information contained in the Facebook Help Center page, those of you who forgot your password on the condition that your cell phone number is no longer active can use email to recover it, band.

Well, this condition also depends on whether you entered your email address while signing up for Facebook or not. If so, you can refer to the following steps:

Open the FB app on your cell phone or laptop.
Click on Forgot your password? or Forgot your password?
Select Send code or Send code by email.
Click Continue.
Open the email and check the verification code that was sent.
Copy the code and paste it in the column of the FB page.
On the next page, set the new password you want.
Select Continue.
Access your FB account with the new password!

2. How to open FB Forgot password and inactive mobile number with Google account

What if you not only forget your password and inactive cell phone number, but also forget or can't access the email used during registration? Of course, the above method cannot be used.

But don't worry, gang. The reason is that you can also open a Facebook account, forgot password, forgot email and inactive cell phone number using a Google account. However, make sure you have connected your FB account with Google, yes.

If it is connected, you just have to follow the tutorial that ApkVenue will explain below:

Open FB on your laptop or mobile.
Click Forgot Password/Forgot Password.
Select the Use my Google account option, click Continue.
When the Google page opens, sign in to your Google account.
Select Reset Password, enter a new password.
Log back into your FB account with the new password.

3. How to Open FB Forgot Password and Inactive Mobile Number with Trusted Contacts

There is still a way to open forgotten Facebook password without another email, really. One way is to use the help function of Trusted Contacts.

Once again, each method has its requirements. As in this case, you need to make sure that the account has already set up a trusted contact in the account or profile settings, gang.

In addition, this method is also somewhat more complicated than the previous one. If you still want to try this method, follow Jaka's explanation below, OK:

Go to the Facebook page.
Select No longer have access here? in the background.
In the guide section, you will be instructed to contact trusted contacts by phone or meet in person.
How it works, the trusted contact you choose must open a link provided by FB.
The link has a security code that you can use to reset your FB account password.
After the new password is created successfully, you can login to your FB account again.

4. How to open FB I forgot my password with a virtual mobile number

If your cell phone number is no longer active, you can try to log in to a FB account that you forgot your password using a virtual cell phone number, you know, gang. It's just that Jaka doesn't recommend this method due to the low success rate.

For information, a virtual cell number is a cell number that does not have a physical one like a SIM card in general, gang. Typically, cell phone numbers like this are widely used to create social media accounts without having to purchase a prime number first.

But as a solution or a way to restore a Facebook account that you forgot everything, this method still doesn't hurt you to try, really. Come on, follow these steps:

Create a free virtual mobile number. You can use the TextNow app or click below:
Sign in to FB or go to https://id-id.facebook.com/login/identify in a browser.
Click the Mobile number option > Continue.
Check the cell number of FB who gave you a tip ***.
Enter the virtual mobile number.
Check the incoming verification code.
Enter the account confirmation code, forgot FB password, click Continue.
Again, this last method could fail, gang. You can forget your Facebook password and not receive any code.

the last word

That was Jaka's explanation how to open facebook, forgot password, inactive cell number and inactive email 2022 what can you do, gang. Well, it's not as difficult as you think, right?

You can try several of the above methods one by one. If one of them fails, keep trying until the last method. That way, hopefully one of these methods will work, yes.

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