5 Easiest & Fastest Ways to Root Android Phones in 2022, Can Be Without a PC/Laptop!

How to root a cell phone can actually be done easily as a process in order to have full access to the entire system of the Android phone. For some Android users, root is a solution to maximize the functionality of their device.

In fact, rooting a cell phone brings many advantages, such as removing useless default apps or installing apps freely. As a result, the use of Android phones does not seem to have any limitations.

While it offers additional capabilities and unlocks previously locked features, rooting also comes with a number of dangers or downsides. Therefore, you should carefully consider before you decide to root your cell phone.

Are you ready to root to get various benefits on your Android phone? Check out the following collection on how to root HP 2022. You can do this process with or without a PC/Laptop!


DAILY  is not responsible for any risks and dangers that can occur on your device. The root process carries a number of dangers or disadvantages, especially if it is not done properly.


How to root HP via PC
How to Root HP via KingRoot App
How to root HP via FramaRoot app
How to root HP via 360 ROOT app
How to Root HP via iRoot App
How to Check Root Status of Android Phone
Advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android phones
Is it safe to root?

1. How to root HP via PC

How to root HP via PC 97ba4
Photo source: IST - How to root HP
Rooting an Android cell phone with a PC clearly has a higher success rate than if you just use the cell phone root app installed on your device. You must first activate the USB debugging function on your cell phone to use this method.

Here are the steps on how to root HP with a PC:

Download the root application from HP.
Connect the HP to the PC using a data cable.
Open the root app on PC and wait for a while.
Click the green/OK button on the PC.
Wait until the green check mark appears.
The Android phone will reboot automatically.
The HP root process is complete.
Note: When rooting an Android phone with a PC, make sure to use a USB cable that is in good condition and the phone's battery is fully charged to minimize failures during the process.

2. How to root HP via KingRoot app

How to root HP via KingRoot 6f9ad app
Photo source: KingRoot - How to root HP
This app is not available on Google Play, but you can download it from the official website. You can use this app for free with file size less than 20 MB.

Here are the steps to root Android phone without PC via KingRoot:

Download and install the KingRoot app.

Open the app and click Try Root to start rooting.
Make sure the internet connection is stable.
A notification appears that the Android phone has been successfully rooted.
Reopen the KingRoot app on the cell phone.
Click Menu at the top left.
Root shows up successfully, which means the process is complete.

3. How to root HP via FramaRoot app

How to Root HP Via FramaRoot 82630 App
Photo source: FramaRoot - How to root HP
FramaRoot is a mobile root app that is very well known among Android users and has been released for quite some time. This app has several advantages including a user-friendly user interface.

Here are the steps to root Android phone without PC via FramaRoot:

Download and install the FramaRoot app.
Open the app and select Install SuperSu.
In the feats section, select Gandalf.
Wait for the process to complete and a success notification appears.
Reboot the cell phone and the root process will be complete.

4. How to root HP via 360 ROOT app

How to root HP via 360 ROOT 68925 app
Photo source: 360 ROOT - How to root HP
360 ROOT is a small application that allows you to easily root your Android phone or tablet. This app is claimed to be compatible with more than 9,000 devices.

Here are the steps to root Android phone without PC via 360 ROOT:

Download and install the 360 ​​ROOT app.
Open the app and press the button on the home page.
Click on ROOT and wait for the process for a few minutes.
The Trying to access location screen appears and select Deny.
Reboot the cell phone and the root process will be complete.

5. How to root HP via iRoot app

iRoot is an improvement and development application of the previous application called vRoot. Compatible with more types of Android phones, iRoot is one of the most reliable rooting and unrooting apps.
Here are the steps to root Android phone without PC via iRoot:

Download and install the iRoot app.
Open the app and click the Root Now button.
It says No root permission and click Get root access.
Wait for the root process to complete.
Root Corrected notification appears! successful process sign.

How to Check Root Status of Android Phone

Please note that you can do the above methods for various Android smartphone models. So actually you don't need to bother searching for information like how to root Xiaomi cell phone, how to root OPPO cell phone, how to root Samsung cell phone and others.

If you have done the above method, you can check whether the rooting process is successful or not with the Root Checker app available on Google Play. Here's how to check the root status of an Android phone.

Download and install the Root Checker app.
Open the app and click Verify Root.
Wait for the process for a while.
If the cell phone is rooted, a Congratulations notification appears.

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android phones

Apart from the various benefits and advantages that you can get from rooting an Android phone, there are also some disadvantages and risks that you should be aware of. Here are some of them.

Advantages of rooting Android phones

Remove default apps, which have the potential to affect the performance of internal memory and RAM and cannot be removed due to system crash.

App backup and restore, by using Titanium Backup app, you don't have to bother to return the app when you restart your Android phone.

Control kernel and CPU to improve performance by throttling processor speed for maximum performance.

Avoid wakelock which makes apps run in the background and drains your android phone battery faster.
Edited build.prop, which allows you to tweak battery, memory, and more through this script.

Disadvantages of rooting Android phones

No warranty, because some Android mobile phone brands prohibit system modifications that can potentially damage your device.

It can't update the system by OTA, so it's too late to get the update and it can only be used on the latest OS.

Security vulnerabilities are increasingly at risk, especially bringing dangerous viruses and malware caused by not updating the latest operating system.

Reduced performance, due to too many settings made and not compatible with the Android device used.
The Android smartphone works poorly, because there are many processes that have to be done and it is a bit risky for those of you who are beginners and are doing it for the first time.

Is it safe to root?

As Jaka mentioned above, while it offers additional abilities, rooting HP also comes with a number of risks. Generally, this loss occurs when there is an error during the root process.

The root process makes the user's phone more vulnerable to viruses or malicious software (malware). The reason is that users can easily download various apps from various sources, where this app might be in the form of malware.

Users will also find it difficult to get OTA firmware updates and will have to update manually. In addition, the root process will most likely also void the device warranty provided by the carrier to the user at the beginning of the purchase.
Worse yet, rooting can cause some apps and features to stop working. For example, banking apps will often stop working because the app detects a security risk. In fact, there is a chance that your device will experience a complete shutdown.

the last word

That is a collection of ways to root HP that can be easily done through various methods either with or without the help of a PC/Laptop. The above series of methods, of course, can only be practiced for mobile phones with Android OS, gang.

While it provides many advantages that can make users more flexible in maximizing the device, it should be remembered that rooting a cell phone is not recommended. Therefore, consider carefully when you want to decide to root.

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