What's wrong with typical online earnings?

What's wrong with typical online earnings?
What's wrong with typical online earnings?

Have you ever typed in your browser & the phrase "earn on the Internet"?& If yes, then you've probably received several proposals & that sound great, but have a common drawback. &When you read more about the opportunity, it turned out that the proposal is false,& or you would need to spend more time to be rewarded than in the case of a full-time job.& The difference is that there is no certainty of being rewarded.& We have decided to solve this problem and offer you a clear and transparent solution. & We are describing it step by step so that you know what to do to pay the bill with RoboHero game funds.

Let's get started with the RoboHero app

The first step we must take is to download the RoboHero application 👉 bit.ly/37E08Ss.& You can exchange your time for SCRAP points.& You just have to watch ads and get rewarded for it.& Don't waste time waiting in line to buy and make every moment count!& You will get your first playable robot for the points you collected.& Enter the world of RoboHero and start your journey!

& Thats not all! We launched the educational section called RoboHero University.& You can compete there in quizzes with others in the knowledge of our metaverse.& The best users will appear in the TOP 100 ranking and get special rewards.

starting the game

With your first NFT robot,& you will start completing missions and fighting in PvE mode.& As you gain experience,& your character will develop and you will be able to engage in duels in PvP mode. The reward is the pool bet by both players.& Take care of the tactic and win.& It will allow you to buy upgrades in the form of items on the market.& So you can fight with better and better players for higher stakes.

Build your business in the metaverse

Now is the time to buy the NFT land & earn a commission for every fight that takes place on it.& You can also put a billboard there & receive a profit from the advertiser. & It looks just like in the real world.& Those methods allow you to earn passively.

There is also a hybrid way to benefit.& You can own a mine and extract resources or breed robots.& In both cases,& you can sell the products of your operations on the market.

The methods described will allow you to have multiple sources of income at the same time.& You can exchange the money you earn for fiat money and pay with it, for example,or the fuel for your car. See how simple it is?


There's a saying:& if you can't explain something in simple terms,& then you probably don't understand it. & We have shown you step by step what to do from installing the app to receiving passive income.& Now it's up to you if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.& Modern times demand modern solutions. Replace your casual work with gaming on your phone and enjoy the opportunities that the 31337 metaverse brings.

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