AdSense ad restriction experience


AdSense ad restriction experience

Salam to everyone, on this occasion I will share my experience regarding ad restrictions by Google Adsense and how I can overcome it.

this is the first time I have been subject to ad restrictions for 11 days I became an adsense publisher, yes 11 days because I just received adsanse last year 2022 month 8.

 I received an email from Google Adsense stating that my Adsense account was temporarily restricted, as well as a notification on my Google Adsense account as shown below.

if I read from the contents of the email the problem was invalid traffic, and 2 weeks before I was subject to advertising restrictions, I was also hit by 100,000 traffic jinglings.

then I can conclude that the invalid traffic problem that I experienced was caused by jingling, to overcome jingling you can check my post on how to overcome jingling auto visitors on the blog.

because there are many jingling sites, you should often check your blog traffic, if you find a suspicious url, immediately report it to the google search console to reject traffic from that url.

What to Do If You Get Ad Restrictions?

what we have to do is continue to create content to bring in original traffic not robots, and organic traffic that comes through search engines not from social media.

create unique and interesting original content, what is meant is don't copy other people's articles, make articles that have never been shared on other blogs, for example if you are a programmer you can create a widget to share on your blog.

You don't have to make articles every day, the important thing is that the articles you make are original and interesting so they can bring in lots of visitors, because it's useless if you update every day but the articles are not of interest to many people and what's more, the results of copy-paste, I myself only post 4 articles in 2 weeks You can see the screenshot below.

ad restrictions means that your account is being reviewed, so don't try it - try to pick other people's articles, because it can add other problems to get banned adsanse.

remove all adsense unit codes or can be tagged with comments <!-- --> , just activate automatic ads, I personally only activate vignette and acnhor ads.

This is actually to avoid invalid clicks, because our account is being reviewed by Google Adsense, it would be better if we remove the ad unit first, just in case someone clicks on our ad repeatedly or commonly called a click bomb.

my personal experience is that in just 14 days or 2 weeks the notification of adsense ad restrictions has disappeared, my account has been subject to ad restrictions on 19 august 2022 and 29 August 2022 has disappeared. if the ad restriction notification has disappeared, the ad unit code can be re-installed

ok so this is just my experience regarding ad restrictions by google adsense that i can share with you guys, hopefully your problem will be resolved quickly and thank you for visiting.

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