The Ultimate Voice to 3D Animation Course (2022 Edition)

The Ultimate Voice to 3D Animation Course (2022 Edition)
The Ultimate Voice to 3D Animation Course (2022 Edition)

The Ultimate Voice to 3D Animation Course (2022 Edition)

What will you learn.

  • Learn how to convert an audio file into an animated 3D virtual human audio video using very powerful software.
  • Learn more about cloud-based audio recording tools or apps to record high quality audio.
  • Learn how to configure programs, download/upload backgrounds, upload audio files, and change the character's skin color or clothing color.
  • Learn about some great cloud-based screen recording tools for capturing 3D animation productions.


  • No 3D animation skills required.
  • The awesome software taught in the course currently only works on Windows and is free to download from the Steam store.


"3D animation is a technique that allows each object or person to have its own 3D space; it can create the illusion of depth while also creating movement in that world."

Creating or executing good 3D animation is difficult and we all know that. Most of all we need to realize that it is very difficult to maintain in the long run, because 3D animation is a very big, complex and long process. Animation experts know that 2D is a very simple technique - by far, so it is easy to learn and apply, but it is still more time-consuming and many times more time-consuming than 3D. In addition, 3D is more complex than 2D.

This is why many producers see 2D production as a dynamic approach. It is not a new technology, quite the contrary: it has been around for a long time, in fact, since the 1950s. However, in the last few years, 3D animation has risen to the top. Just look at all the films nominated for an Academy Award this year and you'll see that most, if not all, are in 3D. If you think about all these movies, for example 'Life of Pi', 'Hugo' and the films of Hayao Miyazaki ('The Wind Rises', 'Ponio'), they are all made in 3D. Last year saw a huge increase in 3D movies compared to 2D movies, especially when compared to previous years.

There are generally three steps involved in the 3D animation process – they are as follows:

1. Pre-production: This process includes concept creation, how-to storyboards, script development and character modeling. This is the most difficult phase and requires a lot of thought from the larger team that will be working on the animation project.

2. Production phase: This involves preparing the moving elements of the animated film, layer by layer and scene by scene, all in one place, for a complete interaction or application. This is also called the "creative phase".

3. Post-production: This phase involves 3D animation rendering and video editing using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie for Mac, or Final Cut Pro (FCP).

The above steps also have many sub-processes within them. So this makes 3D animation a complex process - until now!

Forget about being an animator or learning 3D animation from scratch.

What if we told you that you can create stunning 3D animated videos at high speed using the world's most powerful and highly confidential software? What if we told you that all of this is possible without modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting or hand animation, as opposed to using traditional animation software to create 3D output?

This means speeding up just the three steps we mentioned above by 99x. (You can create animations 99 times faster than normal methods or software) This is what we mean.

Welcome to a new era of 3D animation that can be created from an audio file you input into your program - which we'll demonstrate in this course. We also look at changing the font, background color, etc. that you can use in your video.

This amazing and futuristic technology course is developed by Digital Marketing Legend "Sarnidhi Ranganathan" and Mastermind "Saranya Srinidhi".

Are you ready to create amazing 3D virtual videos of the human brain really fast? After all, it will be an interesting course.

Register now. Let's have a blast.

Who is this course for:

  • Students who are already taking an animation course and want to quickly and easily create 3D animated videos of virtual human speakers.
  • Marketing professionals who want to convert their audio messages into 3D animated videos are very quick.
  • Creators who want to speed up video production with powerful video creation and animation software.
  • Anyone interested in learning the new age technology that aims to convert a normal audio file into a 3D animated video.


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