7 ways to get into WiFi without apps, know passwords quickly and easily!


How to get into WiFi without an app can be done independently, so no expert is needed. This method can be useful for those of you who have forgotten your WiFi password or need a network in an emergency.

Actually, there are many apps that claim to be used to break into WiFi. You can use the WiFi breaker app, take advantage of the Network menu, Kali Linux, to reset the router.

Even though these methods exist, ApkVenue does not recommend that you do so because breaking a neighbor's or someone else's WiFi password is illegal. Also, even if you do it successfully, no one can guarantee the security of the network.

Therefore, you should only apply this method as a verification process using your own device so as not to harm other people. Check out the collection of ways to access Wi-Fi without the app below.


ApkVenue is not responsible for the risks you take to break into WiFi. So do these steps with full awareness!

1. How to access WiFi without an app on Android phone (IP Address)

The first way to get into a WiFi network without an app that people often do is to use IP address settings.

The way to see locked WiFi passwords is usually successful to enter WiFi.id, which, as mentioned above on ApkVenue, is widely available in public places around you.

So, to know how to enter WiFi.id without breaking WiFi password app on Android phone, you can follow the steps below.
Connect to the WiFi.id network.
Select a Wi-Fi network.
Select the Modify network settings option.
Change the IP address to and click Save.
Open a browser, enter the address
Enter the username and password with the ADMINISTRATOR or USER options.
Select the Settings > Wi-Fi option.
See the SSID Name and SSID Passphrase sections.
Getting into a neighbor's WiFi without this app doesn't really necessarily work because sometimes the computer doesn't respond to these settings. But, try it first, gang.

2. How to get into WiFi without an app on a laptop (Command Prompt)

With this method, you only need to use the CMD or Command Prompt app. ApkVenue is sure, this feature already exists on your laptop using Windows OS.

To find out how to enter WiFi with a laptop without an application using CMD, you can follow the method below:

Press Windows Key + R together.
Type cmd and then press Enter.
Enter the command netsh wlan show profile [WiFi Name] key=clear
Press Enter.
Please refer to the Key Contents section to find out the specific WiFi password.

3. How to enter WiFi through the Network and Internet menu

In addition to using the guide above, you can also access WiFi through the Network and Internet menu in Control Panel. Curious? Here are the steps.

open dashboard
Look for the Network & Internet menu.
Press the Network and Sharing Center menu.
In the new window, hit the Manage Wireless Networks option.
Select the WiFi network you want to trick.
Press the Wireless Properties tab, select Security.
The WiFi password is found in the network security key.
To see it, check the Show Characters section.

4. How to trick WiFi Using Kali Linux

As a Kali Linux user, you can also enter any WiFi network you want. Typically, this method is used to find and fix weak points in the network. That is how:

Open a terminal in Kali Linux.
Type the airmon-ng start wlan0 command.
Type the airodump -ng mon0 command to monitor available networks.
Select the destination WiFi you want to join.
Reopen terminal, type mdk3 mon0 d .
Type aircrack-ng -w /home/kbbi -b 54:A6:19:76:C7:F0 wificap-01.cap .
Wait for the WiFi password to appear.

5. How to break WiFi with Reset Router

Please note that this method will only work when you have physical access to the router. In this way, you will enter the router to make the settings you want. To see how:

Press and hold the router's Reset button for 10 seconds.
Release the buttons and wait for the reset process.
Change username/password.
Open command prompt and type ipconfig.
Find the IPv4 address, which starts with
In the browser, type 192.168.x.1.
Replace "X" with the number found in the ipconfig search.

6. How to Crack Wifi Password with Aircrack-ng

Another method that you can use to crack wifi passwords is to use Aircrack-ng. Aircrack-ng is a tool specially designed to test the security level of a network.

nerds often use existing loopholes to spy on WiFi password. Aircrack-ng uses Fluhrer, Mantin and Shamir ciphertexts to attack a network.

This tool can be used for both WEP and WPA-PSK security protocols. Of course, you need a more detailed understanding of your computer network before using this method to crack WiFi passwords with this tool.

Here ApkVenue explains the steps to find out WiFi password with Aicrack-ng:

Download and install the Aircrack-ng application here.
Turn on Wi-Fi.
Open the folder aircrack-ng1.0.-rc1-win.
Open trash can.
Click wzcook.
Wait until the password lookup process is complete.
Information will appear. The key has been stored in c:/wpkey.text. Press CTRL+C.
Press the CTRL+C keys.
Find the wpkey.text file in the C folder or other storage on the PC.
WiFi password found successfully.

7. How to enter Wifi using a Xiaomi cell phone without root

If you have limited device to enter WiFi, you can follow how to enter WiFi with cell phone, you know!

This method of breaking into Wifi without a WiFi password app can be applied to all types of Xiaomi mobile phones and all versions of MIUI. The ways in which it can be done are as follows:

Select the Wifi SSID on which the password will be split.
Select Wi-Fi network settings.
Touch the IP Settings option > Change to static IP address.
Enter Xiaomi HP IP address, Router IP and DNS.
If you still don't understand the DNS options, fill them in according to the defaults.
Hit the Save option > wait until the scanning process is complete.

Is it possible to get into WiFi using just one app?

Actually, getting into a locked WiFi network is not an easy thing to do. In fact, not all the applications in question can see the password of a blocked WiFi.

Although this type of application is available on a trusted platform like Google Play, it does not even guarantee that it is actually up and running. The reason is that getting into a locked WiFi network requires special skills and not everyone can do it.

However, you can still try the method ApkVenue provided above and see for yourself if it works or not. If you are very curious, ApkVenue recommends doing it on your own device and only as a test so as not to harm other people.

BONUS: How to Find Out the IndiHome WiFi Password

In addition to the above two methods, there are still many ways to access WiFi with HP without root or with a laptop. In fact, you can also find out the Indihome WiFi password!

the last word

That's a whole discussion on how to get into WiFi without an app that you can easily try to do yourself. You can do some of the above methods through an Android cell phone or laptop.

However, of course, the way to crack WiFi passwords with ApkVenue app feels much more accurate with a higher success rate. Even so, it never hurts to try to prove it.

Of course, you also need to understand that breaking other people's WiFi passwords is not a good thing. So, be sure to only use it as an activity to answer your curiosity!

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