10 freelance content writing platforms that pay up front:

10 freelance content writing platforms that pay up front:
10 freelance content writing platforms that pay up front:

 This time, I have created a list of freelance writing platforms that pay you for every writing task you complete. This list will be a real gem for those looking for short-term freelance writing jobs. It can be carried out to generate a long-term stable income, of course.

Most of these websites pay through Paypal. Some of these platforms are only for US citizens and some work all over the world.

Here it goes:

ContentRunner.com: You can set the prices of articles yourself. ContentRunner collects 15% of the profits. Payments are made every Tuesday. Pay through Paypal.

2. WriterAccess.com:

 You can work as a writer, editor or translator. & Compatible in several countries. 30% of the proceeds go to WriterAccess.& Pay through Paypal.

3. Verblio.com:

 You can request writing assignments on a wide variety of topics.& Payment rates start at $10.50 for a 300-400 word article. Pay through Paypal.

4. Scripted.com –:

One of the highest paying freelance writing platforms.& They have a wide selection of themes to choose from.& You will be paid 5 days after completing a task.& They pay through Stripe.

5. GetACopyWriter.com:

They are said to have a strict 20% application approval rate.& Payments are made 1 week after completing an order.& Payment methods are Bill.com, Paypal and Transferwise.

6. Skyword.com :

If you are a creative writer, media designer, or journalist,& you can join the platform. Pay rates depend on the channel you write for. They pay through Paypal.

7. ClearVoice.com:

You choose your own pay rate.& They allow you to create your own portfolio and CV. & The payment method is Paypal.

8. Quiet.ly :

This is a content marketing agency that often hires content writers to work for them.& They pay bimonthly. Payment methods are Paypal, bank transfer and check.

9. iWriter.com:

Hundreds of freelance writing assignments are posted on the platform every month. Your pay rate will improve with more experience.& They pay up to $80 for 500 words. They pay through Paypal.

10. TextBroker.com:

They have a lot of writing assignments every day. & The experienced writer gets a higher pay rate & more opportunities. You can request payments when you have earned $10 or more. The payment method is Paypal.

Please share your experiences with these websites if you have any.& I did my due diligence & saw proof of payment. In my opinion, Scripted is the best in terms of high pay & job availability.

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