Bulk URL Analyzer (URL)

Analyze SEO metrics for thousands of domains or URLs.

Import thousands of URLs and identify the strongest potential links using dozens of SEO metrics. Get relevant SEO metrics for thousands of links at once.


Quickly spot domains with high potential
SEO profile thousands of URLs and Domains
Find valuable expired domains to buy
Monitor your domain portfolio


Choose from over 97 SEO metrics
Scan thousands of domains or URLs at once
Upload a CSV file
Automate with recurring batch mode or an API

Bulk URL Parser Features

There are two ways to run Bulk URL Analyzer

sample and
For the fastest results, you can choose the Bulk URL (URL) Analyzer sample analysis mode for the most important SEO metrics, but if you need additional domain metrics, you can choose the full analysis.

Comprehensive histograms help you spot powerful domains

You'll get easy-to-read results for power, trust, number of backlinks, domain popularity, and much more.

Displayed as histograms, it's easy to spot where the strong domains and URLs are. Using Bulk URL Analyzer (URL) to analyze link prospects, it's fast and convenient to decide where you want to build your links. Likewise, if you're looking at a huge list of expired domains, you can spot the best quality ones in seconds.

Easy to read charts for easy SEO domain analysis

Simple pie charts help you understand the results of the metrics you've selected. The pie chart below shows Country Popularity, IP Popularity, and Class C Popularity.

These pie charts provide a great visualization of these metrics to help you with your backlink search or domain analysis. For example, by looking at Country Popularity, you can see at a glance if you're analyzing a lot of links from a country that doesn't fit your niche. These would not be a good place for your links.

Detailed reports for selected metrics

As with most tools, the results table provides access to all of your chosen metrics.

 If you want to dig deeper with more backlink tools, you can quickly launch other reports like Quick Backlinks, Backlink Profiler, Link Detox®, etc. the additional tools panel for the data you are viewing.


Unique SEO Technique

This link building method is not available in any other SEO tool.

25+ Link Data Sources

Link data from over 25 combined data sources.

Full and rich exports

You get full XLS exports and rich PDF exports, while competitors stall their data exports at sometimes 10k rows.

brain link

We can help you with decades of SEO and link experience. This does not come naturally with all SEO software providers.

Dynamic Filters

Filter your results by up to 150+ SEO metrics.

no junk data

The links we do NOT give you are important! We pride ourselves on filtering out as much nonsense data from other sources as possible.

How Bulk URL Analyzer works

Learn more about Bulk URL Parser

Why is it so important to protect your website?

Taking care of your link profile is essential today. In this case study, Arda Mendes talks about why link risk management is so important. He shows how to use link alerts to keep an eye out for new fraudulent backlinks.

How to protect your website from negative SEO

Negative SEO is now a real threat. Using QBL for quick checks is helpful when under pressure.

Product manual for URL

What our users say.

No other provider on the market offers a comparable amount and quality of data

When it comes to backlink analysis, there is currently no alternative to LinkResearchTools. No other provider on the market offers a comparable amount and quality of data. In particular, we like the ability to determine data from other tools via API connection and thus get all the necessary key figures and information at a glance.

You get highly valid data in an easy to understand categorization.

LinkResearchTools saves a lot of time when it comes to analyzing link profiles of our sites and our competitors. Due to the many data sources, you get highly valid data in an easy-to-understand categorization and with many meaningful attributes to make the interpretation of the data as easy and individual as possible. When working with large sites, knowing which links are still online and which links are broken is essential. Therefore, LinkResearchTools is amazing because it provides exactly that. Each LinkResearchTools report module is excellent and has its own advantage, just choose what works best for your intent.

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