SERP research tool

Find great links in the SERP

Find the best ranked websites for your country, language and niche keywords and build links there.


Find strong link sources in your niche
Link prospecting for dozens of keywords at once
Combine dozens of Google searches into one


The best link opportunities at your fingertips
Automatically filter results by all LRT metrics
Aggregate, deduplicate, filter, sort results
Ignore domains that are already linked to you

A quick introduction to using the SERP research tool

The best link for "Blue Widgets" is the #1 ranking website for "Blue Widgets". Then #2, #3, #4, etc. Browse organic search results for prospective links, websites, discussion boards, and forums that are well ranked and relevant in your niche.

SERP Research Tool (SERP) performs multiple search engine searches simultaneously for you.

Get first 200 results, remove duplicates.

You can then filter the results by over 150 different metrics.

Example uses are:

Find follow links on a blog or forum that talks about your niche.
Complex searches that use SEO footprints to find specific types of websites.
Find all the permutations of a specific keyword you need links for, without the hassle of duplicates, of course.
The SERP tool will show you if you already have a link there.

You can export the results and use them in any broadcast solution.

SERP Research Tool Features

Advanced filter to find your existing links

The results table has a column where you can see if you already have a link. It would make sense to try to get a link in as many places as possible, but not to duplicate links and appear spammy.

Advanced filter to select the type of site

In the results table, you can select the type of sites where you can interact with your audience. Forums and blogs are obvious choices. You can sort them by Power*Trust to find the places that are worth the most. This is how to find prospects for link building and direct traffic by getting involved in existing discussions.

Power usage with complex Google searches

The SERP tool can be used to enter up to 20 keywords. These keywords can also be complex Google search queries.

Once you have the results table, you can now choose to only show pages with, say, external links on page (ExtL) less than < 10 links, and then select some places with decent Power*Trust.

Now export a list of great places to start building your links.


25+ Link Data Sources

Link data from over 25 combined data sources.

Full and rich exports

You get full XLS exports and rich PDF exports, while competitors stall their data exports at sometimes 10k rows.

brain link

We can help you with decades of SEO and link experience. This does not come naturally with all SEO software providers.

no junk data

The links we do NOT give you are important! We pride ourselves on filtering out as much nonsense data from other sources as possible.

How the SERP research tool works

Learn more about the SERP research tool

How to use Footprints to find the best link building opportunities

The SERP tool is used in this case study showing how to use link building footprints.

How to find great link building prospects

The SERP tool is used in this case study to find link opportunities in the hairdressing niche. Wojtek Mazur then shows how to sort the results and pick the best ones.

13 ways to improve the backlinks you already have

The SERP tool is used in this case study to find mentions of a brand using footprints. You can then change these mentions to links.

Product manual for SERP

What our users say.

The best link analysis tool on the market

I have been using LinkResearchTools for over 3 years. It is by far the best link analysis tool on the market. Their database is HUGE and helps me find at least twice as many links as any other backlink tool. Additionally, LRT includes not just 1, but 26 tools that can help you analyze your competitor's backlinks like no other SEO software. I love your Link Detox tool, it helps me maintain my own blog and my clients' projects with a profile flawless link building and helps me take my SEO research and link building to the next level. It is an invaluable tool for link audits and removal of Penguin penalties. Keep up the pace, guys!

My favorite backlink tools

LinkResearchTools is one of my favorite backlink tools that I use on a daily basis. Especially the Competitive Landscape Analyzer is simply outstanding. I can't imagine link building without Cemper's toolbox. Good job guys!

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