Quick Domain Compare (QDC)

Compare domains in seconds.

Make quick SEO decisions.


Compare your domain with that of your competitors
Compare important SEO metrics side by side
Save time – make quick decisions
Dive into deeper analysis with a single click


Respond to customer inquiries very quickly
impress your peers
Understand where to dive deeper
Be informed in seconds

Quick introduction to the Quick Domain Compare (QDC) tool

The Quick Domain Compare tool is a tool that gives you a quick comparison of domains and their SEO metrics.

In just a few seconds, you get the most important SEO metrics for each domain presented side by side.

Why do you need to compare multiple domains quickly?

You can quickly decide what next steps to take in your workflow.

If you need to make quick decisions for a couple of domains, Quick Domain Compare (QDC) is the tool to use.

See all the important results in a table, LRT Power and Trust metrics, referring domains and much more.


Unique SEO Technique

This link building method is not available in any other SEO tool.

25+ Link Data Sources

Link data from over 25 combined data sources.

Full and rich exports

You get full XLS exports and rich PDF exports, while competitors stall their data exports at sometimes 10k rows.

brain link

We can help you with decades of SEO and link experience. This does not come naturally with all SEO software providers.

Dynamic Filters

Filter your results by up to 150+ SEO metrics.

no junk data

The links we do NOT give you are important! We pride ourselves on filtering out as much nonsense data from other sources as possible.

How Quick Domain Compare Works

Learn more about Quick Domain Compare

Why is it so important to protect your website?

Taking care of your link profile is essential today. In this case study, Arda Mendes talks about why link risk management is so important. He shows how to use link alerts to keep an eye out for new fraudulent backlinks.

How to protect your website from negative SEO

Negative SEO is now a real threat. Using QBL for quick checks is helpful when under pressure.

Product manual for QDC

What our users say.

For our link strategies, this tool is the best

I am happy to give my review here because I use LRT tool for my SEO work and it is very helpful for me. I found LRT through an SEO book and have been using it ever since. For our link strategies, this tool is great and I'm glad we were able to use it early on for our current project. Previously we were with another provider who can't keep up with LRT for a long time. Now we only work with LRT. Thank you very much for that.

Without LRT, meaningful monitoring and effective link building is not possible in my opinion.

After starting at a new company, I was faced with the challenge of getting an overview of the entire backlink profile. Thanks to LinkResearchTools and LRT Associate Training, the work is much easier and clearer. Also to be the decisive step ahead of the competition in this difficult market, we use LRT, especially Link Juice Thief and Common Backlink Tool, as well as Competitive Landscape Analyzer, they are powerful and unique tools that I would not want to do without in any case. Thanks to Christoph & Team on this point.

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