link simulator 2

Simulating the effect of links

Dominate your niche only with good links, because you know the future effects of links.


Simulate the effect of bulk link opportunities
Find the best value links with the lowest risk
Avoid receiving a penalty through careful selection
Become an exclusive partner with the best link donors


Your laboratory due diligence link
Measure which link is good and which is bad
Unfair advantage in link building
Laser-guided precision in link acquisition

Build healthy and strong links with the LRT Smart Link Building Simulator

Simulate the effects of future link building

Know if a link will help or hurt your ranking before you create it.

LinkResearchTools allows you to see the impact a link will have on your backlink profile in the future.

We also call this feature the "Link Time Machine". It is possible to simulate the impact of a potential link to your future backlink profile with ease.

You can simulate links in bulk and select the safest and best ones to search for. This is the secret tool our clients use to dominate highly competitive niches.

Why LRT can simulate links

LRT analyzes links, not just pages
A hyperlink is a connection from a source page to a destination page. With all that it entails.

Link analysis quality beyond the competition
LRT helps you measure links correctly. LRT analyzes both ends of a link and the mutual impact.

Go and review other products. None of them really interpret a link for what it is, but they do present you with source pages and maybe destination pages, if you're lucky.

Use LRT to parse links the right way.

The DTOXRISK metric is calculated for each existing link and then for each potential link that you give us to check. This is only possible because LRT analyzes all aspects of a link, not just the source page.

Only the best links for our clients

Link Simulator (previously known as LORT) is a system that our users have been benefiting from since 2014.

Some of the most successful SEOs in the world use this system on a large scale in highly competitive industries. These experts trust and depend on it for all of their SEO operations and success.

Simulating links is easy and affordable in LRT

You can upload a list of links to the product and calculate the potential impact in seconds.

If your overall link detox risk (DTOXRISK) is below 1000, you should be good to go with dummy links.

If your risk is too high, you can spot the problematic links and avoid them in your campaign.

Take a closer look at potential links

Link risk risk measured by Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK) is calculated for each link automatically in Link Detox Smart and LinkResearchTools Smart and also includes measurements of highly toxic signals such as: known negative SEO keywords

Known negative SEO URL patterns
Known Negative SEO Redirect Patterns
Known Negative SEO Rel Canonical Patterns
Google Spam Examples
Weighted and filtered user ratings

Do not build links that generate a Google penalty

Don't wait for a Google penalty to hit your website. You will lose search traffic.

By looking at the link detox risk score, you can spot bad links quickly and clean them up before they drop your ranking.


Link Detox Risk

Link Detox Risk is a unique risk metric that calculates the risk of any link and your entire domain (Domain DTOXRISK®). Judging the link risk of any individual link helps you decide which ones to reject, remove, or keep.

Link Detox Genesis®

Machine Learning AI to detect unnatural links.

LRT energy and LRT confidence

Measure link quality with LRT Power and LRT Trust - it is more useful than PR, DR, DA, PA

Link speed trends

Measure domain health by link growth patterns

Full and rich exports

You get full XLS exports and rich PDF exports, while competitors stall their data exports at sometimes 10k rows.

brain link

We can help you with decades of SEO and link experience. This does not come naturally with all SEO software providers.

Analyze links, not URLs

LRT helps you measure links correctly. LRT analyzes both ends of a link and the mutual impact. Surprisingly, that's not the default for link analytics products, believe it or not. Use LRT to parse links correctly.

How Link Simulator 2 Works

More information about Link Simulator 2

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Product manual for legacy version SIM1 (LORT)

What our users say.

It can make link building strategies much easier

I'm using LinkResearchTools and I think it's fantastic. It gives you an impressive set of tools that can make link building strategies much easier. I will definitely recommend this tool to anyone who needs a professional SEO tool.

I recovered two client sites

I got two client sites back after using Link Detox.

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