Tutorial on Setting DNS Cloudflare WARP VPN to Unblock Steam

Cloudflare WARP provides faster and more secure performance for private connections. Not only that, it is claimed that this service can unblock Kominfo like Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, to Ubisoft Connect.

As you know, since the end of July 2022, Kominfo has blocked a series of site and application platforms that have not registered for PSE.

Of course, this Kominfo policy is detrimental to many parties, especially designers, gamers and programmers who use related services.

Fortunately, you can get around this block with a DNS VPN. Curious?daily techsexplains how to install and use Cloudflare WARP on your laptop.
What is Cloudflare WARP?
Cloudflare WARP is a service released by Cloudflare to ensure the security and privacy of users while browsing the Internet. While it's technically a VPN, Warp actually has a slightly different function.

Compared to other best VPNs that access content that is restricted in certain areas (geo-restriction), WARP is more focused on protecting users' internet traffic in public places, such as when browsing public Wi-Fi.

That's why the interface has been kept simple, there's just a big "On/Off" button to easily turn the VPN on or off. In addition, the server location is automatically selected, it cannot be selected manually by the user.

Cloudflare WARP is free to use. However, if you want to surf the web faster and more securely, users can subscribe for $4.99 or the equivalent of Rp. 70,000 a month.

Interestingly, based on user testimonials, Cloudflare WARP was also able to unblock. although there were some drawbacks such as limited speed and accessibility.

Download Cloudflare WARP DNS VPN to Unblock Steam
Can't wait to download Cloudflare, gang? Then you can download and install the application via the link below so that you can immediately enjoy the VPN service.

Details Internet faster and safer
Developer Cloudflare, Inc.
Minimum OS 5.0 and above
Size 7.7MB
Download 100,000,000+
Reviews (Google Play) 4.2/5.0

Here Daily tech presents the download link for the new version of Cloudflare WARP that you can choose from. You can also access it from the official website, you know!

How to set up Cloudflare WARP on Windows 10
Want to know how to reopen blocked apps? You can use Cloudflare WARP for Windows 10. The following method can be used on all types of laptops and PCs. Not only simple, the application is also free.

Download from the official website.
Install and run the application
Enable Cloudflare WARP by clicking the "On" button.

Setting up Cloudflare WARP on an Android phone
Broadly speaking, the tutorial on how to set up Cloudflare WARP on an Android phone isn't much different from that on a laptop. In addition to being simple, the application is also available for free.


Install and run the application
Enable Cloudflare WARP by clicking the "On" button.
Is Cloudflare WARP safe to use?
As far as Jaka's internet search goes,daily techsfound no evidence whatsoever that WARP is dangerous to use. However, the security level of WARP is not much different compared to other VPNs.

WARP encrypts user data as a form of protecting personal information from theft, but WARP does not provide additional security.

In addition, when browsing the Internet, the user does not get a new address ID and the user's traffic is not hidden from the ISP. In other words, the protection that WARP offers is not as great as it is advertised.

Can Cloudflare WARP Unblock Kominfo?
Cloudflare has clearly stated that WARP does not function as an opener for content that is restricted in certain areas (geo-restricted).

That way it's obviously useless when we use WARP to unblock Kominfo. Like it or not, we have to use VPN options, one of which uses Cloudfare

However, ApkVenue warns that using a VPN to access official games has the potential to get your account banned for violating the terms and conditions of the relevant game platform.

The last word

Cloudflare WARP is a service released to ensure the security and privacy of users while browsing the web. However, it has not been proven that WARP itself can unblock Kominfo. So still curious to try it?


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