link detox boost (BOOST)

Accelerate link crawling and retrieval.

Use Link Detox Boost to speed up your recovery from a Google penalty after a backlink cleanup. Get new, removed or changed links tracked fast.


Quick recovery from a Google penalty
Up to 3 days FAST, instead of 9 months
Accelerates the effect of unauthorized links
Accelerates the effect of new or changed links
Restore your Google ranking


Use with manual actions
Use with Google algorithmic filters like Penguin
Boost page or domain crawling
Use proven technology that just works
See the exact date Google last crawled the boosted links

What is Link Detox Boost?

Link Detox Boost helps you recover from a Google penalty. After you've uploaded a disavow file to Google's disavow link tool, you'll want to speed up the disavow process.

Your disavow file is only taken into account after Google recrawls all the links in your disavow file. That's what BOOST is for.

How Google Calculates Link Signals

Once the links have been crawled, they are processed by Google for all signals.

Positive link signals (since “Google Caffeine” infrastructure update).
Negative link signals (spam).
Disable commands.
After this time, the link works or not for your ranking.

Therefore, it is crucial that the links you disavowed are crawled quickly enough.

Detox Boost link also for Undisavow

Link Detox Boost is also very useful when it cancels link disavowal (also called "reauthorization"). After a rejection, it helps you recover the link juice from accidentally rejected good links.

You will see at a glance (1) that there are new links or disallows to run Link Detox Boost for
Download the latest LRT disavow file (2)
Upload a disavow file to Google's disavow tool
Confirm that you actually uploaded it (3)
Click on the Link Detox Boost action (4) and pre-program for 48 hours
Link Detox Boost runs 48 hours later and increases your links.

Read Link's Detox Boost Results

Link Detox Boost tracks completion rate on a simple graph. There you can keep track of all the links that have already been boosted, or if they were also crawled.

Link Detox Boost Transparency

As a result, Link Detox Boost also shows you

which URLs or domains were pushed or crawled
when (the exact time) the links or domains were crawled

A loss in rankings can hurt your online business

Your disavow file is only taken into account after Google recrawls all the links in your disavow file (as confirmed by Google).

Link Detox Boost helps you with that.

Go with the leading link audit and recovery tool.


Link Detox Risk

Link Detox Risk is a unique risk metric that calculates the risk of any link and your entire domain (Domain DTOXRISK®). Judging the link risk of any individual link helps you decide which ones to reject, remove, or keep.

The Original since 2013

Link Detox Boost was a great innovation in 2013, unprecedented to this day. It just works. BOOST is the key ingredient for successful penalty recovery and link tracking.

Disavow too

Let's face it: customers change, SEOs change. You are the one who takes over a domain with an existing disavow file. The first thing you should do is perform a disavow file audit. There you can find many useful links that you can disavow and get back the traffic you lost due to human error in the past or because the web changes on a daily basis.

Disallow file history

Link Detox Boost works and is also important when you override link disavowal (also called "reauthorization"). You can get link juice back from accidentally disavowing good links.

Exact Recrawl Date

Link Detox Boost shows you the exact date the URLs were re-crawled by the Google bot.

international SEO

Link Detox Boost works with websites from anywhere in the world.

How Link Detox Boost works

Learn more about Link Detox Boost

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Product manual for BOOST

What our users say.

Incomparable. He will not take others for free.

I have tried other tools, but have not found anything that can guarantee the kind of results I get with Link Detox and LRT. So far I have had 100% success in removing manual actions for unnatural links.

A big part of SEO success is your portfolio of backlinks.

Not only do you need to understand where your links are coming from, but you need to be able to take steps to manage those links. LinkResearchTools is an indispensable collection of powerful tools to do just that. I am a long-time customer of LinkResearchTools and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about squashing it with links.

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