How to Transfer PayPal Balance to the Complete 2022 DANA %Easy AND Directly Sent!

Transferring your PayPal balance to DANA is a must, especially these days. The reason is that Kominfo has reopened access to some blocked applications and websites, including PayPal.

As an international digital wallet application, PayPal is widely used by Indonesian people for transactions. Generally, this application is used to receive salaries from foreign companies.

Although widely used, until now PayPal has not registered PSE, Gang. The application was finally banned by Kominfo on July 30, 2022 along with other applications including Stream, DOTA, and Amazon. However, PayPal is open again for five days for users to move their funds.

You sure don't want it, do you, your PayPal balance just floats? So, you also need to know how to withdraw money from PayPal to DANA in this article. Jaka will guide you to move the money via DANA. You see, transferring PayPal balance to DANA is much easier.

Can I transfer money from PayPal to DANA?

Not much different from other digital wallet applications, you can also use the PayPal application to transfer money to other digital wallets, Bands. One of them is the DANA application.

Whatever balance you want to transfer to the DANA digital wallet, it can be done easily. It's just that, PayPal offers a withdrawal limit to DANA for each user a minimum of $10.

Meanwhile, the time to transfer money from PayPal to DANA is about two to four times. The time for how long the WD balance is also only valid on weekdays, yes, gang. If outside these days, the withdrawal process may experience delays.

When you make a withdrawal, you will be charged a transfer fee, which tends to be flat, which is 16,000 IDR per transaction.

So, how can you pay PayPal to DANA easily? Quite simply. If you are still confused or don't even know how, you can follow the steps to convert PayPaly below.

Easy ways to transfer PayPal to DANA

For those of you PayPal and DANA users who want to withdraw money from the international digital wallet, please see the full details below.

Sign in to your PayPal account.
If you are not logged in, please log in. first on.
Click on the "PayPal Balance" menu to make a withdrawal.
Complete the withdrawal nominally in dollars (minimum 10 dollars),
Open the DANA application and click on the "Top Balance" menu.
Choose a connecting bank to send money from PayPal to a DANA balance.
Copy the shipping code into DANA.
Copy the code previously in the PayPal "Withdrawal" menu (withdraw money).
Click on the "Transfer" menu so that PayPal cash withdrawals are processed immediately.

How to transfer money to PayPal on DANA for less than 10 dollars

As Jaka explained, PayPal limits the amount of balance transfer, which is a minimum of 10 dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 148,000. Less than that nominal, you cannot withdraw it to DANA.

But, make no mistake, Gang. It turns out that there is a safe way that you can use to withdraw your PayPal balance below the specified nominal.

If you only want to withdraw 5 dollars (Rp. 78,000) or just Rp. 100,000, you can easily do that. The method is as follows.

Open PayPal from the device.
Click on the "Funds Transfer" menu.
Connect DANA to PayPal using Permata Bank.
Click on the menu "Manage the currency by clicking on the three dots.
Select the "Add Currency" menu.
Select the desired currency. Jaka recommends using the Russian currency, namely the ruble (RUB)
First enter the desired amount in USD, then convert to RUB.
Click on the "Convert Now" menu.
You go to the details page of the withdrawal, then click on "Transfer Now".
You must be wondering why the currency needs to be converted at all, yes. That's because other currencies have a smaller conversion nominal than USD so you can withdraw it too, gang. If you don't convert first, the withdrawal will fail.

How to use PayPal for transactions

Overall, PayPal is actually not only used to store and send money. However, you can also use this application for online shopping, you know.

If you frequently shop on AliExpress, Amazon, and other international marketplaces, PayPal as a digital wallet is the right choice.
or those of you who want to know more about how PayPal is used for shopping and crypto transactions, you can check out Jaka's review below. Who knows, after the penalty of communication and information technology, PayPal was immediately a deterrent and immediately complied with the applicable regulations.

Who knows, right? So, let's see if you learn how to use it in the article that fixes ApkVenue.

Why PayPal balance withdrawal at DANA failed?

Have you ever had an error transferring from PayPal to DANA? It's common, they are, actually. Because, not a few users who do not know about the provisions of Liaison Bank and DANA.

If you want to transfer the balance of the application to DANA, you must choose the connecting bank correctly.

You cannot use all connecting banks in DANA to accept transfers from other banks, including PayPal. So far, only PermataBank that you can use money for DANA, gang.

Other banks like Mandiri, Bank BNI, and BCA could not accept transfers from other banks, aka PayPal. Therefore, the withdrawal process is guaranteed to fail if you withdraw your PayPal balance without an account in a connected bank, other than PermataBank and DANA.

Bonus: Rows of applications and websites blocked by Kominfo

As Jaka mentioned earlier, it wasn't just PayPal that was blocked by Kominfo. There are a number of apps and websites that get penalized.

Some of them Jaka managed to summarize below. In fact, Jaka also reviewed the application and the website, you know. Who are they? Let's not be curious, come on, you'll see. Check it out!

The last word

Knowing how to transfer PayPal balance or money to DANA is very important, especially in this day and age. PayPal was blocked by the government and reopened in the next five days so that users can move their money.

While it's still open, it's mandatory to withdraw all your money to the account so that it doesn't just disappear, gang. The withdrawal method is also easy and fast.

Since you already know how to withdraw your PayPal balance, come on, transfer your balance to DANA right now. Thanks and hopefully useful.

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