6 complete ways to take advantage of WhatsApp through Google 2022, successful and not found!

Apparently, many people search for how to touch WhatsApp through Google. How to hack WA is so necessary because it can neutralize prejudice and anger towards someone's activities on your WA.

Not a few of you sometimes worry that people we love are doing "weird" things across WA behind your back. For example, a mother who is worried that her son uses the best chat app for negative things or a boyfriend who wants to "be sure" of her partner's activities while using WA.

Whatever the reason, there is now a powerful trick you can use to figure out how to tap WhatsApp remotely without root and not get caught. You can easily and quickly find out the content of other people's WAs. Curious? Come on, watch until the end!

Can WA be played remotely?

How to find out that someone is chatting with someone in WA, you can actually do it easily. You can check your chat history and incoming WA calls.
Interestingly, you can do this remotely by tapping on the person's WA. In fact, the way of touching WhatsApp cell phones can already be done without a brand code.

Although you can do this, Jaka reminds you to do wiretapping for urgent things only, okay? Not just to peek or possessive of someone's activities.

You see, taking advantage of other people's communication tools is a bad act, gang. It is as if you violated that person's freedom. Unless it is urgent to do so.

Jaka is just sharing information. If you need it, because your relatives do things that seem "unpleasant" to you, without violating your freedom, you can see how below, yes.

1. How to Hack WhatsApp with Pointszone.net

Once you understand the urgency of this discussion, Jaka will share a collection of easy and simple ways to touch Whatsapp. There are two sites you can use to hack other people's WA without the owner knowing.

The sites for that person's WA Hack are WhatsApp Hack, pointszone.net and SocialSpy WhatsApp. With this site you can spy on other people's activities. How to use it is as follows.

Go to Google and search for WhatsApp Hack extension.
Install the plugin through Google's desktop browser. If you can't find it, you can visit the pointszone.net site.
If you entered the website page, enter the WA number of the person who was tagged.
Click "Continue" to confirm the wiretap request.
Wait a moment for the system to respond to your request.

2. How to use WhatsApp Social Spy site

Social Spy WhatsApp is the next WA hack site that you can use to remotely access your girlfriend's WhatsApp contacts.

How to tap using this site doesn't require code 21 so that person doesn't know.

Social Spy claims to be able to perform very comprehensive wiretapping, from monitoring users' chats to learning about users' activities on WA in real time.

How to tap WhatsApp via Google via Social Spy site is quite easy. The method is as follows.

Visit the Social Spy site on Google.
When you're logged in to the site's home page, scroll down.
Enter the number of the WA you want to play in the "Enter number" column.
Click "OK" to confirm the request.
If so, wait a moment for the system to respond to the request.
Oh, when you enter the number you want to play, please use the country code of Indonesia, okay? Don't use 08xxx, but use +628xxx because this site uses a foreign system.

3. How to play WA using Whatsapp Web

Touching WA using the site is sometimes annoying because it often shows various advertisements. The fear of being a victim of phishing will also haunt you.

Fortunately, you can now use the WA website to tap on your partner's WA. I could say that this method helps you to view WhatsApp without touching using the site.

If you want to be curious about that person's chat list in your WA, Jaka urges you to be careful when using this method, okay? Because this method is not wiretapping, the potential for getting caught is quite great.

Therefore, make sure that the person leaves their phone for a long time so that you can take advantage of the moment to find out the content of their WhatsApp.

The way you can do it is as follows.

Open the WA site on your PC or laptop.
If your WA account is still logged in on a PC, click the three dots at the top, then select the "Sign Out" menu
A QR code will appear to log in to the WA site.
Open WA on the person's cell phone and visit the "Settings" menu.
After that, click the barcode icon next to the profile >> select "Scan Barcode" menu
Point the HP camera at the PC to scan the code.
Done. Now the WA of your partner or family member has control of your PC.

4. Hack someone's WhatsApp from Google Maps

How to hack Whatsapp through Google Maps Fd01c
In addition to being used as directions and avoiding odd numbers, you can also use Google Maps to find out where someone is, you know.

How to touch WhatsApp through Google Maps without the owner knowing is also popular. Not a few users are concerned about the whereabouts of their relatives, so they tap their mobile phones to find out the real-time location of the person.

How to take advantage of Google services in this one is also easy, gang. That is how.

Open the Google Maps app on the phone you want to spy on.
Go to the profile at the top right.
Select the "Shared location" menu.
When you're logged in to the Real-Time Location Sharing page, set the sharing activity; either for 1 hour or until disabled.
Click the share button below and select share via WhatsApp >> send to your WA.
After that, you will know the whereabouts of the person.

5. How to hack WhatsApp with Sniffer for Android and Iphone

The last way is to use Whatsapp Sniffer for Android and Iphone. With this app you don't need to open the barcode to touch WhatsApp. Here are the steps:

Open PC browser
Download Whatsapp Sniffer file for Android and Iphone here.
Download the file called iPhone Backup Extractor here.
Install the iPhone Backup Extractor app on the computer.
Also make sure you have connected your WA partner and other devices to the same wireless network.
Backup for iPhone with WA that we will touch,
Extract WA backup to your computer with iPhone Backup Extractor app.
Open the extracted folder and find a file called filenet.whatsapp.whatsapp/Documents/Chatstorage.sqlite
Make a backup using iTunes on your computer.
Restore the backup to the iPhone being used.

6. How to Hack WhatsApp with Paid Apps

You can also play WA with some paid apps. If you have more money to subscribe to a paid app, it's okay to try it out. Here are some paid apps you can use:

Spymaster Pro. This software is considered as the most reliable mobile monitoring software. You can not only touch the conversations based on date and time, but also take a look at the shared photos in WA when rooting Android and jailbreaking iPhone.
Guest Spy. GuestSpy app is often used more for monitoring children and employees. GuestSpy can also be used to touch WA in its entirety, including video, audio and photo files. This software supports root and jailbreak and is compatible with Android and iPhone.
Appmia. With Appmia (Android and iOS) you can track your partner's phone activity remotely. Appmia allows you to drill down into WA content with a spreadsheet download.
MobiStealth. You do not need rooting or jailbreak requirements to be able to access WA content using the MobiStealth app.
The Spy of Truth. Many big businessmen use this app. Apart from WA data, this app can also retrieve data from social media like Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
MSpy. It's easy to operate, undetectable, doesn't drain your partner's phone battery, works on both iOS and Android, and doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking to access shared media files.

the last word

That's a discussion on how to touch WhatsApp via Google that you can do to track someone's activity from WhatsApp app. This method is actually very dangerous and can violate one's freedom.

Therefore, ApkVenue recommends that you reconsider when you want to hack someone else's WA contacts without that person knowing. Whatever the reason, this act is risky and can make your relationship worse.

However, if you feel the need, you can do it the way Jaka shared above. That's all and see you in the next discussion!


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