5 Must-Have Strategies for Managing Obstacles in Online Teaching

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there are many challenges for educational institutes. The pandemic equalizes the education system around the world by forcing them to move online.

Digital learning is not something new for modern students. YouTube is already teeming with potential content, while the growth of Udemy courses comes as no surprise to techies.

However, the transformation of traditional teaching and learning methods into online education is a new step for educational institutes. Despite having numerous benefits for students and teachers alike, this amazing change online becomes a hurdle for all educators.

To streamline the process, many educational technology providers have started an online school management system.

But managing obstacles in online teaching is not everyone's cup of tea. You need to build an effective strategy that overcomes these challenges and allows educators to manage these obstacles in online teaching.

So how do you do it? Let's keep reading this blog to know more about it.

How to handle obstacles in online teaching?

It is not the first time, but almost since the generational change, everyone is fed up with traditional learning methods. Therefore, the change online exposes all the obstacles and obstacles that existed even before the online trends.

It is true that many obstacles, such as poor Internet connections, are new, but the old ones, such as less participation, no participation or low productivity, were already present before the arrival of online teaching.

But the main problem is how to handle these obstacles in online teaching?

By learning the pain points, you can develop a smooth strategy for overcoming the challenges of online teaching.

1. Deal with passive students

Almost all students become passive due to the lack of active participation. This is the main drawback of online teaching and a challenge for educators.

Although these passive students can acquire class content, they do not apply it outside the virtual classroom. Most of them are even missing the online presentation, assessments and MCQs.

To deal with this obstacle, you must devise an instructional strategy. Teachers must design a curriculum based on interactive textbooks that extend active learning outside the classroom.

With interactive online questions, instructors can also track student engagement and completion of course content. Therefore, this is a strategy that educators must know to manage obstacles.

2. Online collaboration

Another main obstacle that stands in the way of online teachings is ineffective online collaboration. All teachers know the importance of student input, but a virtual classroom never provides that space to connect.

Formal responses from students in chat rooms never allow them to collaborate effectively. The politics of listening and talking is never the solution to the problem.

Therefore, to address these obstacles, educators need to give hands-free teaching online. Make sure all students can collaborate with each other by turning on microphones. Promote virtual group discussions and allow them to discuss the solution to problems.

3. Online connectivity

Online connectivity is essential to connect educators and students at the same time. However, poor internet connections never allow students and teachers to communicate or connect properly.

Therefore, it is essential to use the right online education platform for online teaching to eliminate these problems.

Most schools and institutes use an application like Zoom to conduct online classes. Although it is an interactive application for online meetings, it is not designed for the needs of online teaching.
Therefore, to handle the hurdle in online teaching, educators need to connect with educational software and apps.

4. Training

The training resolves most of the minor and significant obstacles found in online teaching. Most experienced teachers lack effective operation of online teaching software and platforms.

This becomes the reason behind ineffective online teaching methods. Therefore, schools can develop a training strategy to ensure that all educators know how to interact with students.

imran ullah 

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