Five Famous Video Conferencing Apps In 2022

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have started working from home to reduce face-to-face contact. To be safe, every business needs meetings so that they turn into virtual meetings.

They are starting to rely on group video calls to keep in touch with colleagues. But sometimes too many choices can get you into trouble. There are many applications available for video conferencing and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

We do not register facebook, whatsapp and facetime here because the number of people in a video call is limited.

That's why we have compiled a list of five popular video conferencing apps that can help you choose the right video conferencing app for your needs.



Zoom has become the most widely used and popular video conferencing app simply because of its user-friendly features and user-friendly interface. It has many great features like the host can mute everyone, moreover, the host can share the screen and the host can see how many members are in the meeting.

One confusing function is to create a meeting ID. But it depends on who is using the app. At least 100 people can participate in the meeting.

The session lasts 40 minutes if you use it for free, and after 40 minutes you need to create a new meeting ID. It has flexible plans for businesses starting at $10 per month.


Google MEET

 Google Meet is officially known as Google Hangout Meet, but it was only available to people who signed up for paid Google services. But now Google has made the meeting available to everyone.

Google Meets offers a very simple and easy to use video and audio conference call with friends and family. The only requirement is that both the host and the participants must have a Google account.

One notable feature of Google Meetings is that it offers free calls until September 30th, after which you will be limited to 60 minutes. It also includes a very good noise canceling function and up to 100 people can participate in the meeting.


Skype is meeting now.

Skype has been offering one to one video calls since 2003. But with the latest feature, Mate, up to 50 people can now make non-stop video calls.

It also has many prominent features like call recording and blur background if you have the app. You do not need an account to join the meeting.

You can also share the screen to share your presentation.



This application allows the user to conduct high-quality audio and video conferencing. This app is mostly known as the business process app, and it offers you a two-week trial to check if it suits you or not.

The most notable feature of this app is its ability to accommodate up to 100 people and you can record and save the conversation as well as hold meetings of up to 50 minutes.



This application works according to the method of Keep it Simple Stupid. It has an easy to use interface. This app is becoming more and more popular among the people who like easy to use interface.

The outstanding feature of this video conferencing app is that you can send documents and media files very quickly and share your screen and video calls together very easily.


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