Read the Latest Comic APK 2022: Download the Complete and Updated Comic Reading Application

Read Comics APK is an application for reading popular comics. This application is often used by loyal fans to read their favorite Japanese manga or comics on smartphones .

The advantage of this comic reading application is that it has a complete and updated collection . You can enjoy the latest comics and manga stories to old comic titles that are still popular today.

In addition, Indonesian subtitles are available . You can understand the comic storyline more easily, gang. You also don't have to worry about being interrupted by ads. so There are no ads in this app.

Of course, you are really curious about the excellent features and how to use this application, right? Check out the information that has been provided by Jaka below, OK!
Review Read Comic APK
Download Read Comics APK
How to Install Read Comics APK
Featured Read Comics APK
No Ads
Indonesian Subtitles Available
Complete Comic Story
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Review Read Comic APK

Read Comics APK is an application for reading comics with the most complete collection. Unmitigated, there are more than 5000 comic titles with various genres. You can choose at will.

Each comic title is also a complete episode. You can also read webtoon comics from the first episode to the latest or last episode. So don't worry about missing the storyline.

With this application, you can read comics or manga such as Naruto , Boruto, One Piece , Detective Conan or Golgo. Wherever and whenever you can read the comic with a smartphone .

Download Read Comics APK

Before the  continuing  a download,  & you must first check a specifications needed for Android and iOS cellphones so  you can play them. Plz check the details in this table:

Details Read Comics APK
Minimal OS Android 4 and above
Size 13 MB
Platforms Android

Version Modification


Jaka does not recommend downloading the MOD version. The reason is, the modified version is an illegal version and downloading the modified version of the application also has risks. Besides not guaranteed security for your cellphone, MOD APK can also harm the developer.

Here are some download links for Read Comics APK that you can download according to their respective superior features.

Version Release Date Featured Features Download Link
Modification 2022 Complete, No Ads, Indonesian Subtitles Click here

How to Install Read Comics APK

After downloading this application, you need to install it on your cellphone. It's easy, here are some of them:
Go to the File Manager menu .
Click the Install option .
Setting in the settings to allow the application.
View Security options
Enable the Unknown Sources tick .
Open the APK Installation Window menu .
Click the Install option .

Featured Read Comics APK

There are several excellent features of this application. The comic story is complete, free and without ads. In addition, there are Indonesian subtitles .

In more detail, here are some of the excellent features of reading APK comics that you can get:

No Ads

You may often be distracted by the ads that appear while reading comics. It reduces your enjoyment while enjoying the storyline. Many comic reading apps include ads in them.

But take it easy. This comic reading application does not use ads. You can read comics smoothly without being interrupted by ads. You can fully enjoy page after page of comics and anime without any distractions.

Indonesian Subtitles Available

Of course, you will find it difficult to understand comics in Japanese. English comics are also quite difficult to fully understand. Therefore, it is easier to read comics in Indonesian.

Well, this comic reading application includes Indonesian subtitles . You can see the translation of the contents of the comics and manga there. So you can fully understand the dialogue and storyline.

Complete Comic Story

One more advantage of this application is the complete story. There are approximately 5000 comic titles available. You can enjoy from the very beginning to the end.

So you will not mess around with missing episodes. You also won't be disappointed because you don't find the comic title you want because the collection of comics and manga in this application is super complete.

Bonus 20+ Best & Most Complete Indonesian Online Comic Reading Sites & Applications, Free!

Currently there are lots of comic reading sites and applications that provide a variety of comic titles and you can read manga for free or for free.

The final word

Now you can use the APK comic reading application. Reading comics and manga is now easier with this app. Happy reading!

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