How to View Deleted WA Messages on Android, Complete!


It's easy to read deleted messages on WhatsApp. Often, we will definitely get Whatsapp messages that have not been read or even read and then deleted by the sender, without a clear cause.

Well, have you ever been the perpetrator of a chat deletion or even a recipient who is curious about the deleted chat? Now there is a solution!

WhatsApp has an interesting feature . One of them, Unsend , which allows you to delete messages that have already been sent.

On the other hand, if the WhatsApp ringtone on your cellphone sounds but the message has been deleted before you read it, there are also applications that can show the withdrawn WA message.

Well, if you're curious, this time Jaka will give you easy tips on how to view deleted WhatsApp messages . Come on, look, friend!

Interesting Features Messages on WA:

The Unsend feature or commonly known as the Delete for everyone feature allows users to delete or withdraw messages that have been sent previously.

Since it was introduced in 2017, this feature seems to be one of the favorite features of WA users because it can prevent unwanted things from happening.

Imagine if you sent the wrong chat to your parents or even the boss at your company. Wow, you might get scolded, friend!

Well, in this article, ApkVenue will tell you how to see WA that has been deleted using the following 2 applications. Check, come on!

How to View Deleted WA Messages with Recent Notifications:

The first application that you can use to read deleted WA messages is Recent Notifications . This application is quite simple and the size is light.

As usual, before you use the Recent Notification application, of course you have to download the application first via the link below.


Here's How to View Deleted WA Messages with Recent Notifications :

Download and Install Recent Notifications.

Open the Recent WhatsApp application.

Grant Notification Access permission on Recent Notification app.

Make sure there is a WA message that has been deleted by someone else first.

When a deleted message notification appears, go to the Recent Notification app .

Finished. You can see the message.

All messages that come into your cellphone will be clearly displayed in the Recent Notification application, whether it's an incoming message or a message that has been deleted by your interlocutor.

How to View Deleted WA Messages with WhatsRemoved+:

Next, Jaka will tell you how to read deleted messages on
WA using the WhatsRemoved+ application . This application can display all notifications from the application you want, friend.

Not only WhatsApp, you can also use WhatsRemoved+ to read notifications that you get from your social media accounts , such as Twitter or Instagram .

The first thing you have to do to read deleted WA messages is to download the WhatsRemoved+ app . Click the link below to download WhatsRemoved+, then install the application as usual on your cellphone.


Here's How to View Deleted WA Messages with WhatsRemoved+ :

Download and install WhatsRemoved+

Open the WhatsRemoved+ app and click Accept .

Give access to the Application, then click the Back button .

Select the WhatsApp application > Next.

Give detect and save deleted files permission > Yes, Save Files .


In addition, there are tabs that you can use to select messages from certain people only.

WhatsApp will always download the files you receive automatically. This application will detect and save files that have been deleted by your interlocutor.

Oh yes, you can give more than 1 tick in other chat applications detected by WhatsRemoved+.

Bonus: How to make WA tick one even though it's been read

In addition to how to view deleted WA messages, Jaka also has a trick to make WhatsApp tick one even though you've read it.

Curious, right? Just take a look at the explanation on how to make WA tick one even though it has been read in the article below!

The final word

How easy is it to see these deleted WhatsApp messages ? You now know how to view and read WA messages that the sender deleted.

This way, you no longer need to be confused and confused if a message has been deleted and makes you curious. Good luck, friend!

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