How to Top Up the Latest 2022 Indosat Credit ML, Cheap & Get Bonus

Top up ML Indosat pulses is one of the activities that gamers often do. The mobile credit payment method is in demand by all because of its convenience, especially for gamers who do not have an e-wallet or mobile banking.

Game top up activities are usually done by gamers who are serious about exploring the game. So no wonder, they need heroes with qualified skins to improve their skills and win the match.

Moreover, currently Mobile Legends is also a competitive game that enters the realm of esports .

Well, to be able to get the desired hero and skin, of course you need a certain amount of diamonds, depending on the hero or skin you are going to buy. Diamonds are obtained by way of top up.

As stated, the pulse method is the easiest way. For this reason, ApkVenue will present the method for top-up ML for the latest Indosat pulses for 2022 below.

Can I Top Up Diamond ML Using Credit?
How to Top Up ML Using Indosat Credit?
Top Up ML Indosat Credit via In-Game
Top Up ML Indosat Credit via Codashop
Top Up ML Indosat Credit via UniPin
Top Up ML with Indosat Credit via Itemku
How to Top Up the Latest Cheap Diamond Mobile Legends 2022
How to Get Official Free ML Diamonds

Can I Top Up Diamond ML Using Credit?

Actually, there are many ways that can be chosen to top up Diamond Mobile Legends. One of them with pulses .

Top up or buying ML diamonds with Indosat credit is often in demand, because the transactions are easy. Interestingly, there are many promos and ML diamond bonuses .

To top up diamond ML, you only need to prepare a Mobile Legend ID and Indosat credit to be able to buy it.
The following is a list of ML diamond prices:

Number of Diamonds Price
11 Diamonds + 1 Bonus Rp5,500
25 Diamonds + 3 Bonus IDR 11,000
53 Diamonds + 6 Bonus IDR 22,000
77 Diamonds + 8 Bonus IDR 33,000
154 Diamonds + 16 Bonus Rp66.000
256 Diamonds + 40 Bonus IDR 110,000
774 Diamonds + 101 Bonus IDR 330,000

How to Top Up ML Using Indosat Credit?

As Jaka said, the way to top up ML using Indosat credit is easy. You can choose from various platforms that provide the purchase of Mobile Legends items .

In addition, you can choose which platform is profitable, because each platform has different promotions and bonuses. For more details, see below, yes!

1. Top Up ML Indosat Credit via In-Game

This method is the most common method used by gamers. So, you don't need to bother going to other payment channels . Even though it's easy, doing top up via in-game is rarely a promo or diamond bonus, gang!

Before top up, make sure you have changed your Indosat credit payment as a Google Play payment method . These changes must be made first, because if you don't change them, you won't find the Indosat credit payment menu when you top up.
If so, just look at how to top up ML Indosat credit directly from the Mobile Legends application .

Add Indosat Ooredoo as a Google Play payment method.
Open the Mobile Legends APK.
Click the (+) button next to the Diamonds icon.
Select Diamonds or other package you want to buy.
Change the payment method to Indosat Billing.
Tap Continue.
Verify with PIN or Fingerprint.

2. Top Up ML Indosat Credit via Codashop

Codashop is a top up game portal in collaboration with Indosat. Therefore, Codashop has the option of paying with IM3 Ooredoo credit.

This site also provides top ups for various mobile games, such as Mobile Legends, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Hago, to Valorant .

Top up using Indosat credit at Codashop is fairly easy. Here's how:

Go to the official Codashop Mobile Legends website here .
Enter the game's User ID.
Select Diamonds > select the number of diamond items.
Choose payment via Indosat Ooredoo Credit .
Enter the email address for proof of payment (if any).
Click Buy Now .
Click Confirm on the pop up menu that appears.
Complete the payment process.

After that, check your Mobile Legends game to find out whether the ML diamond has increased or not.

3. Top Up ML Indosat Credit via UniPin

Unipin is the most trusted top up platform in Indonesia. Not only providing Mobile Legends items, you can purchase items from other games such as Higgs Domino.

Curious about how? Check out the full tutorial below!

Go to the site .
Select the Mobile Legends game.
Enter your game ID .
Select the desired number of diamonds.
In the payment channel, select SMS & Cellular > select Indosat .
Click Buy Now .
Enter your email address, then confirm the order.

4. Top Up ML with Indosat Credit via Itemku

Itemku is the best top up game portal in Indonesia which is popular among gamers. You see, Itemku often gives bonuses or promos in selling Diamond ML or other game items.

Itemku also provides practical payments with a credit cut system. Make sure your credit balance is sufficient, OK!

It should be noted that currently payments using the credit method can only be used when shopping through the Itemku website .

On this platform, for top up using Indosat, there is a maximum spending of Rp. 337,500 for Indosat , and Rp. 365,000 for Telkomsel, XL, and Tri.

The way to top up Mobile Legends with credit in Itemku is as follows:
Go to the URL .
Login or register for My Items account.
Select the Mobile Game menu > Mobile Legends .
Select Top Up Diamonds.
Click the number of Diamonds.
Enter the ML game user ID > click Pay .
Select a payment method > select Direct Payment .
Enter the mobile number > click Next > a secret code will appear via SMS.
Immediately send the secret code is only valid for 5-10 minutes.
Wait for the payment process to complete.

Your payment will be detected automatically, your credit will be deducted, and the status of your diamond order has changed to Paid .

After that, check your Mobile Legends game to find out whether the ML diamond has increased or not.

How to Top Up the Latest Cheap Diamond Mobile Legends 2022

Apart from top up ML using Indosat credit, there are many other ways to get Diamond Mobile Legends. You just choose which one is most comfortable.

In fact, the diamond buying platform is not only what Jaka mentioned above, you know!

Therefore, ApkVenue will tell you some cheap, fast, and easy ways to top up Diamond Mobile Legends that you can choose according to your taste.

Curious? Come on, take a look at the complete collection of the latest 2022 Diamond ML top up methods below!

How to Get Official Free ML Diamonds

Given that diamonds are indeed a valuable object as well as currency in ML games, there are many ways to get them for free.

In addition to using game cheats , it turns out that there is another way to get free ML diamonds, namely through the application.

It might be difficult to find an application that gives Mobile Legends diamonds directly and for free. However, you can use other applications such as credit-generating applications or money- making applications so that you can exchange them for purchasing Mobile Legends diamonds.

The free Mobile Legends diamond-producing application is considered one of the practical solutions that many lovers of this Moonton-made MOBA game are looking for.

Jaka has presented the application to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends through the article below, gang!

The final word

That's an easy way to top up the latest Indosat ML pulses for 2022 that you can follow the guide. Jaka recommends choosing and checking the top up platform first so that you can compare the prices and the ML diamond bonuses you get.

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