How to Setting VPN on PC or Laptop, Easily Open All Blocked Sites!

How to set up a VPN can be an alternative for those of you who want to stay safe surfing the internet. Using a VPN can also help you to be able to open blocked sites, gang.

The government itself has been implementing Positive Internet for a long time in collaboration with all telecommunications providers in Indonesia. This rule is to limit internet usage.

The presence of a VPN application is also a solution for many people to overcome this restriction. Some of you may include internet users who use this method.

In addition to setting, you should know tips on how to use a VPN on a laptop so that you can make the most of it. Curious? Check out Jaka's review in the following article, OK!
How to Setting VPN on PC  & Laptop
How to Use a VPN on a PC or Laptop with the Application
How to Use VPN with Browser Extension on PC or Laptop
How to Setup VPN on Windows
How to Set VPN on PC Using OpenVPN
How to Use VPN on Laptop and PC (Summary)
Using VPN Apps Responsibly

How to Setting VPN on PC & Laptop

The use of VPNs that are increasingly widespread lately is based on the desire of internet users to access blocked sites. Even so, this one way is not always for negative purposes or things.

There are many sites that are actually useful and contain useful information that unfortunately have to be accessed via a VPN. Thanks to a VPN, sites that were initially blocked can be opened and can be accessed freely.

Now, are you curious about how to set up a VPN and how to use a VPN on a laptop which is the easiest and most hassle-free? Calm down, see the review of the collection of methods that ApkVenue has prepared and you can follow below.

How to Use a VPN on a PC or Laptop with the Application

There are some of the best PC or Laptop VPN applications that you can use. This time, ApkVenue will provide a guide on how to set up a VPN on your PC or laptop using the application . Curious? Here's how!

Download and install the VPN application .
Or via the following link

Select the Start Your Free Trial or Sign In Here option .

ON THE  VPN by clicking the Enable VPN button .

Wait until a green check mark appears

Done and congratulations you can surf the internet using a VPN.

How to Use VPN with Browser Extension on PC or Laptop

Well, in addition to using a VPN application on a PC, you can also use extensions or add-ons installed on the browser.

In this guide, ApkVenue will provide a guide on how to only set VPN extensions on Google Chrome , OK, gang. Here are instructions on how to enable VPN in Chrome.

Download the anonymoX extension in the browser app via this link .

Click  & Add extension in the pop-up window &  that appears.

The extension is installed automatically in the browser.

Select the name you use and the country of the VPN server.

The advantage of this one browser extension is that it is free and very easy-user . You don't need to install or go into complicated options, one click, it's installed optimally right away!

How to Setup VPN on Windows

For you Windows 10 laptop users, you must be familiar with the VPN feature available on the Settings page?

Yes! Thanks to this feature, you actually don't need to download additional VPN applications anymore, gang. You see, you can configure the VPN yourself manually.

However, before starting how to set up a VPN on Windows 10, you must first create a PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) VPN account which will be used to establish a VPN network connection on your Windows laptop.

For the steps for creating a PPTP account and how to set up a VPN on Windows 10 , you can read more about it below.
Create a PPTP VPN account at this link .

Select the country for the VPN server you want to use.

Server ID1, ID2, and ID MCT options are available .

Select one then click the Create Username and Password button .

Fill in Username and Password, then Create Account

Check the verification checkbox .

Click ON THE  Create Premium VPN account button .

Open Windows 10 Settings, and select Network & Internet .

Select the VPN menu and create a new connection with Add VPN connection .

Fill in the required VPN connection data and connect the VPN.

How to Set VPN on PC Using OpenVPN

Apart from or Windows 10 's default VPN feature , you can also use OpenVPN on PC as an alternative. For how to set up a VPN on a PC using this application, you can refer to the following steps.

Download and install the OpenVPN application on your PC.
Import the Config file by clicking the triangle arrow icon on the taskbar.

In the OpenVPN GUI icon select Import file... .

Open the folder where you saved the previously downloaded config file .

Select it and click the Open button .

On the taskbar, select Connect and enter your VPN account username and password, click OK.

How to Use VPN on Laptop and PC (Summary)

How to set up and use a VPN on a laptop or PC you can basically do easily. You can use the collection of methods above according to the selected application or extension.

To make things easier, here Jaka shares the steps on how to use a VPN, especially for Windows devices.

How to Use VPN

Click the Windows icon.

Select Settings with the gear icon

Select Network and Internet and click VPN .

Click Add a VPN connection .

Enter the VPN provider data that you have.

How to Connect a VPN

On the taskbar select the network icon .

Select A VPN connection you want to use.

Click Connect .

If prompted & enter your username & password .

If connected successfully, the VPN connection name will display Connected 

Using VPN Apps Responsibly

Actually, what the government did was not entirely wrong. This is because the blocked sites are mostly pornographic and violent.

However, there are some sites that should not be blocked by the government, considering that these sites actually provide useful entertainment for internet users, especially anyone who needs it.

Therefore, if you already know how to open a Positive Internet site , use it wisely and well, gang!

The final word

That's an explanation and guide on how to set up a VPN on a 2022 PC or laptop that you can use to explore the virtual world freely. This collection of ways to use a VPN will help you to be able to access all sites without exception.

The presence of VPN applications and extensions can certainly help you overcome internet usage restrictions. However, as a wise user you are also obliged to use this service responsibly, yes, yes!

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