How to break into WiFi with a cellphone without root & laptop, feel like a hacker!

How to break into WiFi passwords with a cellphone or laptop can be a solution for those of you who want to save internet quota. You can surf for free without worrying about costs.

The internet has indeed become a major need today. All devices, both smartphones and computers, require an internet connection, gang.

But unfortunately, the price of unlimited internet packages on cellphones and the price of installing WiFi at home is still relatively expensive in Indonesia.

Thanks to the presence of increasingly sophisticated technology, how to find out the WiFi password can be obtained easily. In this article, ApkVenue will provide complete information for you!
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How to Hack WiFi with WiFi Map Application
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How to Hack WiFi Without Apps
How to Hack WiFi with Laptop
How to Hack WiFi with CMD
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Pros & Risks of Android WiFi Hack for Free Internet
Bonus: Here's an Easy Way to Speed   Up WiFi Connections on Android Phones

How to break into WiFi on Android and laptops that will be explained below is for informational purposes only. Jaka is not responsible for the security risks caused by its use.

Recommended How to Break WiFi Through the Easiest Cellphone

There are various ways to find out the WiFi password that you can practice , but not all of them give satisfactory results.

In addition, there is also a way to hack WiFi with WPA password with Android which is accurate and gives satisfactory results , but is difficult to do.

Therefore, Jaka deliberately chose how to break into WiFi with the best and easiest cellphone that you can practice with a regular Android phone.

The following are recommendations on how to easily and accurately break WiFi passwords that you can do to peek at protected WiFi passwords.

How to Hack WiFi with WiFi Map Application

This WiFi hacking application without root is very easy to use, and there is no illegal activity going on in it , so you could say the first method is 100% safe.

Basically, the WiFi Map application is a crowdsourcing database of WiFi networks around the world which are all provided by its users.

However, whatever the definition, this WiFi hacking APK is still a very useful app , especially when you're confused about finding WiFi access while on vacation.

Confused about how to break a locked WiFi using this application? Come on, follow these steps directly, gang.

Download and install the WiFi Map application.
Press the I Accept button on the Terms of Use page that appears.
Tap the Next button to continue.
Give the app permission to access the device's location.
Tap the X icon to decline the offer to upgrade to a Pro account.
Make sure the GPS feature on the cellphone is active.
Swipe up  the screen & open a database of WiFi networks around your location.
Select the WiFi network you want to hack into and press the Unlock Password button 
Since all the information contained here is contributed by users, this application is ideally used in commercial centers such as malls !

So, don't expect that you will be able to use this application as a way to break into neighboring WiFi to be able to stream movies !

How to Hack WiFi with a  WiFi Warden App;

If the method of breaking into WiFi passwords via cellphone without an application is deemed ineffective, you can turn to the WiFi Warden WiFi breaker application whose capabilities have been proven, gang!

This application exploits a vulnerability in the WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) security standard to be able to crack WiFi passwords .

Although effective, unfortunately this application is only limited to the WPS WiFi network which has now been replaced with a WiFi Protected Access (WPA) network .

For those of you who are curious about how to break into WiFi with HP OPPO, vivo, or other brands using the WiFi Warden application, here Jaka will discuss the guide, gang!
Download and install the WiFi Warden application.
Press the Accept button and give the app permission to access the device location.
Select the WiFi network with the WPS label that you want to break into.
Tap the Connect button .

Please note that for Android version 9.0 (Pie) and above, this app requires root access.

Tap Try All PINs and wait for the network to connect successfully.
Although it is limited to WPS networks, the efficacy of this application has been very proven as a way to break into WiFi via Android which is quite powerful.

In fact, this application is also often used as a way for hackers to break into WiFi networks that have low security levels .

How to Hack WiFi with an iOS Phone

Besides Android, it turns out that iOS users also have a way of breaking into other people's WiFi. There are several applications that iOS users can use to find out the WiFi password.

How to Hack WiFi with iWep Pro App

This password hacking method is used to hack the desired WiFi network without the need to jailbreak the iPhone device.

Download a app & install it on your iPhone.
Enable WiFi signal and Location .
Open a app & scan  a available WiFi networks.
pSelect the desired hotspot network.
so a  application will process a password hack .
If successful, the WiFi password will appear on the iPhone screen.
Connect to the target WiFi and free internet can be accessed.

How to Hack WiFi with WiFi Audit Pro App

WiFi Audit Pro can be used on iOS 7 devices and is quite effective for hacking WiFi that has not been set up or is still using the default password.

Download and install the application on the iPhone device.
Open and activate the iOS WiFi.
Select the Scan menu and the application will immediately track nearby WiFi hotspots.
This application will display WiFi network information (MAC, IP Address and location).
Select the Kygen menu .
Select the desired WiFi network.
Wait a few moments until the password is successfully hacked.

How to Hack WiFi Without Apps

In addition to using applications, you can also break into WiFi without the need for additional applications. For some people, this method is considered more practical because there is no need to install an application

Here are the steps to break into WiFi without an application:

Connect to the Network.
Set the IP Address to .
Sign in to Google Chrome and enter the IP address .
Enter the username and password by typing ADMIN and the password USER .
Go to the Settings menu and go to WiFi Networks .
Select the SSID name and SSID Passphrase .

How to Hack WiFi with Laptop

Apart from cellphones, laptops are also of course another gadget that is most often used by many people in their daily activities.

However, you also definitely need an internet connection so that the laptop can be used optimally, right? Well, that's why many people are wondering about how to break into WiFi with a laptop .

Although it sounds difficult to do, in reality there are also several ways you can do to make this happen, gang.

How to Hack WiFi with CMD

Windows laptop users must be familiar with a program called Command Prompt (CMD) .

Yep! There are lots of CMD command codes with different functions, including one that is said to be able to find out WiFi passwords.

The use of CMD is also considered as one of the best alternatives for those of you who want to quickly break into WiFi without an application, because here you don't need to install any additional applications on your PC.

Recommended Fastest & Newest WiFi Breaker Application 2022

For faster and better results, you actually need some WiFi hacking apps in which you will need root access .

Although your Android phone must be rooted first, the results you get from here are much more accurate and effective than the method that ApkVenue shared earlier.

What are the recommendations? Here, ApkVenue has collected the best applications that you can use as a way to hack WiFi via HP.

Recommended apps to hack or break into WiFi below, some of which require root access. Make sure your device supports it before use.

. WPS Connect, Best Wifi Hacking App

First there is WPS Connect which is a WiFi hacking application that can only work on rooted Android phones .

Through this application you can disable all users who are connected to the same network, you can even hack all WiFi networks and connect automatically.

With this application, you can manipulate the WiFi network that is connected to your cellphone, guaranteed internet access will be faster with this one application.
Details WPS Connect
Developer FroX
Minimal OS Android 4.0 and above
File Size 2.2MB

2. WiFi Inspector

Next, there is WiFi Inspector which is a versatile application and is more often used by computer security practitioners to monitor the network from parties trying to break into.

Besides functioning to monitor, the WiFi Inspector application can also be used to hack networks! You can use this application as an intermediary for how to find out WiFi passwords that are proven effective.

Unfortunately, to use this application, your cellphone must be rooted in order to perform functions that Android phones generally cannot.
Details WiFi Inspector
Developer LK Interactive Services
Minimal OS Android 2.3.2 and above
File Size 4.7MB
Download the WiFi Inspector app here:


To find out the WiFi password , another application that you can try is called WIFI WPS WPA TESTER or often also called WiFi Test .

According to Jaka, this WiFi Test application can be said to be quite good and has a detailed and fast process. To increase its effectiveness, it is recommended that you root first, gang.

The way to break into WiFi with a cellphone offered by this application is also quite accurate, and to pay for this accurate result you must be willing to root the cellphone you are using.
Developer Sangiorgi Srl
Minimal OS Android 4.0 and above
File Size 5.6MB
Download the WIFI WPS WPA TESTER application here:

Pros & Risks of Android WiFi Hack for Free Internet

For those of you who have difficulty getting a stable internet network, how to find out the WiFi password as Jaka has reviewed above is very useful and has many advantages.

However, don't use this method too often! The reason is that even though there are many advantages, how to find out the WiFi password with the hack above also has some risks.

You better do a more thorough consideration first before applying the password hacking method. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Check below!

1. Advantages of Hacking WiFi with Android Phones

You can surf for free , without the need to spend a penny, you can connect to the internet in various locations that provide WiFi networks.
Does not require root access , as reviewed above, WiFi Map and WiFi Warden applications can be an easy way to hack WiFi on Android without root . For some applications that require root , please refer to the complete guide here: Collection of How to Root Android Phones With PC and Without PC .
Unlimited fast and stable internet , depending on the location, distance, and strength of the WiFi network you are using.

2. Risk of Breaking WiFi Password with Android

The internet connection is unstable and cannot be ascertained , because you are using any WiFi network that may already be used by many people at once.
Prone to malware and virus attacks , due to irresponsible parties who want to take advantage of people like you trying to get free internet.
Harming other people and internet providers , obviously this is detrimental to the person whose WiFi network you broke and the internet provider that provides the WiFi network.

Bonus: Here's an Easy Way to Speed   Up WiFi Connections on Android Phones

Can you connect to the WiFi network you want, but the internet is still slow and unstable? Don't worry, Jaka has a way to deal with it!

Slow WiFi internet indicates interference that you may not be aware of. This interference can come from hardware , software , or from the provider itself.

To make an internet connection via WiFi on your Android cellphone faster, Jaka has several recommendations for ways that you can use.

1. Make sure your cellphone has the latest WiFi technology

If you use an Android cellphone that is classified as old school, of course you will get internet speeds that tend to be slower than the latest Android cellphones.

Newer WiFi devices will of course be equipped with more sophisticated technology in capturing signals as well as in making the cellphone a priority on the WiFi network.

So, you can be sure that the internet speed using WiFi will be faster if you use a cellphone equipped with the latest WiFi technology .

2. Choose the Right Position, Instead of Using Applications To Hack WiFi Without Root

You may use WiFi indoors or even outdoors. No matter where the location is, you have to find the best position to get a maximum connection.

Moreover, the WiFi signal can be blocked by a wall and ultimately affect the speed. The benchmark is, the closer to the WiFi router , the better the signal you will receive, gang.

Make sure to place the router in an open place that is easily accessible from various locations in your home.

3. Avoid Using Near Other Electronic Items

Finally, make sure you don't use WiFi near other electronic devices, such as a microwave , which can interfere with the WiFi signal.

Electronic objects that emit certain signals such as microwaves and the like have the potential to interfere with the signal transmitted by the router .

Although it sounds insignificant, this is actually quite disturbing the signal. If you feel that the WiFi signal is weak, try checking if there are many electronic devices that have the potential to interfere with the signal from WiFi.

The final word

Well, that's a collection of ways to find out WiFi passwords without root on a 2022 cellphone easily and guaranteed to be effective. How to break into a password-protected WiFi can save you internet quota.

Use the WiFi hacking method that ApkVenue shared this time wisely. Do not let you use it for unnecessary purposes.

Has anyone tried it? Or does anyone have a more powerful way? If you have opinions, suggestions and other things, don't hesitate to share them in the comments column below!

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