FF Account trick APK with Copy ID 2022, Download & Get Sultan Account for Free!

FF account trick APK with ID copy can get you a cool Free Fire account for free, gang. Not surprisingly, this application is also targeted by many players of the battle royale game .

Free Fire itself is growing rapidly by becoming one of the most popular games in the world, including Indonesia. So far, more than one billion people have downloaded it on their mobile devices .

Seeing the number of players from this one game , we can often find accounts labeled "sultan" too. However, not everyone or players can have a sultan account with very complete in-game equipment .

For those of you who don't have enough money to have a cool sultan account, don't worry. Check out Jaka's article below to be able to get a cool free FF Sultan account , gang!

About FF Account trick APK
FF Account trick App with Copy ID 2022
tricker Dark VIP
LZ H4X Menu V2
P King
Emzet Dark VIP
V Gaming APK FF
How to Install FF Account trick APK
How to Use FF Account trick APK by Copy ID
Is FF Account trick APK Safe?

About FF Account trick APK;

FF account trick APK is an application that can be used to get a Free Fire account for free. This method is often done by players who are after other people's FF accounts to be later owned.

The target account that you want to take over is of course a Free Fire account with various items or complete game equipment . Whether it's weapon skins , costumes, to the diamonds in it.

Even so, not a few people also use this trick application to restore their accounts. tricking or account theft is indeed one of the problems that often occurs in the world of online gaming .

So, it doesn't hurt to know what series of applications can trick FF accounts for good or good purposes. When you want to restore or recover a tricked account , you can try this method.

FF Account trick App with Copy ID 2022


JACA is not responsible for any risks and dangers that may occur to your device. Using tricked applications can be harmful to developers and other players.

There are quite a lot of FF account trick APKs with ID copy that can be used to get the target account. You can choose this application according to your needs and convenience in using it.

Here 's the FF 2022 account trick application that ApkVenue recommends:

1. Dark VIP tricker

Apk tricker Dark VIP is a trick application for FF accounts that is already familiar among the players of this game . This application can help you to get back the stolen account of others.

In addition, this unit application has interesting gameplay features such as Auto Headshot and Anti banned . This cheat is indeed commonly found in the game so it is widely used by players.

2. LZ H4X Menu V2

LZ H4X Menu V2 can be used to restore FF accounts that have been stolen by others. This application will help you get an account that was lost because it was hit by a generator site or phishing .

Interestingly, in this application you do not need to register first. Just copy the Free Fire ID and paste it on a form, you can directly inject and access the target account.

3. P King

P King APK is also one of the applications that many players rely on to get a free FF Sultan account. Unlike other similar applications, this application has unique capabilities.

In addition to taking FF accounts by copying ID, this one application can also be used to retrieve FF accounts via Facebook social media. Some people even call it a no hoax Facebook account trick application.

4. Emzet Dark VIP

Emzet Dark VIP has a feature to trick Free Fire accounts using game ID . This cheat application for Free Fire immediately grabbed the attention of survivors .

After copying the target Free Fire account ID and pasting it in the Emzet application, you can extract various information such as email and passwords . Later it can be used to access the FF account.

5. V Gaming APK FF

V Gaming APK FF is a Free Fire account trick application released by the owner of the V Gaming YouTube channel . This application is said to be able to restore a stolen Free Fire account with an account ID.

Usually, the Sultan's Free Fire account is the target of the trick from this application because this expensive FF account definitely has a complete collection of items , from skins to FF emotes .

How to Install FF Account trick APK

Of course you will not be able to find the various tricked applications above on Google Play and the App Store, because their status is illegal. For that, here's how to download and install the trick application that you can follow the steps.

Select and download the FF account trick application above.

Select the folder where the application is stored.

Open the Settings menu on the cellphone and select Security and Privacy .

Check the Unknown sources box .

Go back to the download folder and do the APK installation.

Follow the system instructions and wait for the process to complete.

How to Use FF Account trick APK by Copy ID

This section is certainly a favorite for those of you who can't wait to get a free sultan account or restore an FF account. For those of you who are doing it for the first time, see the steps below.

Open the downloaded FF account trick application.

Copy the ID or write the ID Number of the target FF in their profile.

Click the Take Account or Abriir FF button .

You will immediately enter the game or wait 1 X 24 hours .

Done and use the tricked FF account .

Is FF Account trick APK Safe?

The most important thing you must understand before using the FF Account trick APK or modified application in general is that there are risks and dangers lurking. You have some experience & disadvantages when using it in the long term.

The developers will take strict action against users who use modifications of their applications. You have to be prepared to accept the worst conditions when caught using this trick application .

Here are some risks and dangers that can occur when you constantly use tricked applications :

Banned : Your Google account or the like could be banned by the developer . Its possible, one day you will be detected using a MOD APK.

Viruses : Given that the source of this application comes from a third party and is not official, the potential for your device to be infiltrated by various viruses is very large. This will certainly damage the device later .

Disadvantaging Official Developers : The first party who immediately feels the bad impact is the official developer. Because you are using another version, they are at a loss in terms of material

tricking : It is not impossible if the application you download from third-party sources is actually a mount of trickers . They will enter your device and steal important personal data.

The final word

That's a review and a series of FF account trick APKs by copying ID 2022 that can help you get a free sultan account . Not only that, you can also use it to retrieve accounts that were previously stolen by others.

ApkVenue suggests using the applications above for secondary purposes or retrieving your own stolen account. Any illegal actions such as account theft, get ready to get heavy sanctions.

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