Download KineMaster Diamond APK v6.0.1.26000.GP, Make Professional Videos on Mobile!

KineMaster APK offers a myriad of interesting features that can support you to do editing with satisfactory results. This one application is perfect for those of you who like to edit videos on your cellphone, gang.

You don't have to use a video editing application on a PC or laptop to produce interesting videos, now you can use your favorite smartphone and KineMaster diamond APK to make it easier for you.

There are many choices of advanced features and can provide support for the editing process you want to do. You can more freely edit videos with professional-looking results.

Curious and want to try this best video editing application right away? Check out the reviews and download links for the latest KineMaster APK 2022 to make various interesting video works, gang!
KineMaster at a Glance
Download the Latest KineMaster Application 2022
How to Install KineMaster Diamond APK
KineMaster Diamond App Features
Tutorial Using KineMaster Diamond
Collection of Questions About Kinemaster Diamond APK

KineMaster at a Glance

The KineMaster application allows you to perform various video editing processes, from trimming , cropping , adding photos, text, and even songs. You can do everything easily and practically.

In addition, you can also remove the KineMaster watermark without the need for a subscription like in the original application. So, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make your videos look good.

If you are a vlogger or who likes to make video content on social media, this application will be very suitable to use. In addition, KineMaster no watermark will also make you more confident in showing off your work without any annoying watermarks.

You don't have to think about it for a long time, if you really need this application and want to use its premium features for free to experience the various conveniences of video editing, just download the KineMaster APK right now!

Download the Latest KineMaster Application 2022

Before discussing further and more deeply about this one video editing application, of course there is no harm in knowing the details of this application first.

No need to linger, just download KineMaster Diamond without the latest 2022 watermark at the link below! Jaka has provided links for the old, new, and even the original versions of KineMaster Diamond.
Version Release Date Featured Features Download Link 13 May 2022 (updated) - Play Store

App Store

How to Install KineMaster Diamond APK

Still confused how to download it? & you also don't know how to install a KineMaster Diamond application, gang?

Calm! Jaka has also prepared the steps below. Check, yes!

Open the browser application on your cellphone then visit the KineMaster APK download link that Jaka provided above.

Wait for the countdown to complete. Then, press the words Download Now and the application will be downloaded immediately.
After the download process is complete, open the APK file earlier. Click Install . After installation, click Open .

Done! You can start &  making your first video on this application, gang.

When you start making videos, you won't see the KineMaster watermark . That way,  SO your video will BE  look even more stunning.

Well, so if you want to know that how to use a KineMaster Diamond to edit videos, so you can read Jaka's article below:

KineMaster Diamond App Features

&how to find out what features are offered by KineMaster Diamond Pro, you can check the full review below, gang!

No KineMaster watermark .
Supports all kinds of video formats.
Has multiple video layers.
Premium Access.
Preview the created video.
Equipped with 3D transition effects.
Equipped  other effects such as a mosaic & blur.
Video speed settings.
Share to social media.
Interesting theme choice.
Chroma Key is active.
KineMaster Premium features are unlocked or free.
It has a cool blue look.
Offers high-resolution video.

Tutorial Using KineMaster Diamond

For those of you who are still learning in terms of video editing, especially using the KineMaster application, you don't have to worry about difficulties. ApkVenue will tell you some steps to operate this application. Come on, take a look.

1. How to Insert Basic Videos

The first thing you should know before starting to edit videos on KineMaster is to enter the video into the application. Here are the steps:

Open the KineMaster app.
Create a new project by tapping the middle button and selecting aspect ratio.
Go to Media Browser then select the videos and songs you want to edit.
Do the same process if you want to add other media.
Tap on a check mark icon in the top right corner
Well, now, videos, music, and other media are displayed on your worksheet . You will be as a creative as you want.

2. How to Insert a Transition Video

To make videos that are interesting and don't look stiff, of course you need to add a touch of transition from one video to another. It's very easy, really. Check out the steps below:

Make sure you have included the videos you want to edit.
Find and click the '+' sign between videos.
You will find a selection of transition effects.
Choose the transition you like the most.
Tap a check mark icon on the top right.
Repeat the above process to provide a transition for each video switch.
As a tip, you don't have to choose the same transition effect, gang, for each side of the video. It all depends on the needs and compatibility of the video.

3. How to Add Audio

Music or additional sound does have its own magic to make a video feel more alive and real. So, to make your video more attractive, you must add music or other audio to your video in the following way:

Find Audio in the circular menu on the right.
You will enter into the Audio Browser .
Choose the audio that you think fits best, then click the '+' icon .
Then, click on the check mark icon on the top right.
If you want to add a voiceover to make your video more aesthetic, you can do the following:

Select Voice on the circle menu.
Press Start to record your voice, and Stop to stop.
Your voice recording will go into the project sheet automatically.

4. How to Share Videos to Social Media

If you have finished editing your video, now is the time for you to show-off on your social media. Here's how, gang, how:

Click the box icon with an up arrow on the top right to Export video.
Set the video frame rate and resolution, then click Export .
Wait until the export process is complete and appears on the right side of the screen.
Click on the Sharing icon .
Select the social media where your video will be uploaded.
Follow the next steps, then post or upload .

Collection of Questions About Kinemaster Diamond APK

For those of you who still have questions or further information, don't worry. ApkVenue will provide answers about Kinemaster Diamond APK that are frequently asked.

1. What is the difference between Kinemaster Pro and Diamond?

The difference between Kinemaster Pro and the Diamond APK version lies in the paid and free ones. Kinemaster Pro charges around 5 US dollars every month to remove the watermark for example.

With Kinemaster Diamond APK you don't need to pay a subscription fee. As a result, you can enjoy all the premium features available in the app for free.

2. How to edit Kinemaster Diamond videos?

Here's how to edit videos in the Kinemaster Diamond app:

Create a new video project file .
Insert the video you want to edit into the project.
Cut or trim unnecessary frames.
Set video speed.
Add text if needed.
Add a song for the background .
Add effects.
Export and Share video results.

3. How to install Kinemaster Diamond on a laptop?

Here's how to install Kinemaster Diamond on a laptop:

Install the Android Emulator (eg Bluestacks) first on the laptop.
Open this Bluestack software and login with your Google account.
Open the downloaded Kinemaster file via the Bluestack emulator.
Wait for the installation process to complete.
Once successful, open the Kinemaster app and start editing.

4. What are the disadvantages of Kinemaster Diamond?

Each application must have its own shortcomings in addition to the advantages offered. The only drawback of Kinemaster Diamond is the video quality.

The video quality on Kinemaster Diamond can only be up to HD only. In fact, it would be better and ideal if the quality is above this because it will produce clearer video results.

5. Why can't videos on Kinemaster Diamond be exported?

Export is the last process after you finish editing the video. This process is very important because it determines how the overall video will turn out.

However, sometimes users often experience an error or problem with the export process. There are several reasons that affect the result that an edited video cannot be exported, including:

Not enough memory.
Video resolution is too high.
Video resolution is not supported.
Kinemaster app and screen closed during export process.
Bits too high.
To solve the problem of videos in Kinemaster not being able to export, you can do several ways. First, make sure the remaining available storage space is sufficient for the video file size.

Next, you must know the maximum video resolution that can be rendered with your device. The quality of the video that has not been edited also needs to be considered, not too bad and not too high.

Then, use a maximum bit rate of 10 Mbps only. The higher the bit rate, the harder the rendering process will be. The bit rate is too high causing the video quality to drop.

Finally, never close or run other applications while exporting, saving, or rendering videos in Kinemaster. Increase screen sleep time to 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

The final word

That's the review and download link for the latest 2022 KineMaster APK without a watermark that can help you make it easier to edit videos. There are many choices of advanced features that you can use in this application.

Even though it's through a cellphone, that doesn't mean the results are inferior to those edited using a video editor on a PC or laptop, yes. As long as you're talented, it's not impossible to produce great videos.

Moreover, the features offered by the KineMaster Pro APK are also very complete, allowing you to edit videos like a pro, gang. Try it now, come on!

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