Download Hungry Shark World v4.7.0 MOD APK, Unlimited Money!

Download Hungry Shark World and feel the thrill of playing as a shark in the open ocean! For those of you who like to play the old school game Feeding Frenzy, you will definitely like this game too, gang.

The reason is, in this game you don't just play as an ordinary fish, but as a scary giant shark. Clear the ocean from human threats and become the biggest predator in this game!

Are you curious about the Hungry Shark World game? Please download the original version. Meanwhile, if you want to play a  game by taking advantage of premium features &  you can choose the MOD APK version. This modified version will be a reason to play before trying the original version.

Are you able to do it? If so, check out the reviews and get the download link for the Latest Hungry Shark World 2022 below from Jaka!
What is Hungry Shark World
Download Latest Hungry Shark World MOD APK
How to Install Hungry Shark World MOD &^ APK
Differences Hungry Shark World Original Version with MOD APK
Hungry Shark World features and advantages
Important! Risks & Dangers of Using MOD ^& APK

What is Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is an Arcade game from Ubisoft , the company best known for releasing popular PC games such as the Assassins Creed and Far Cry series. So, there is no need to doubt about the gameplay .

How to play this game is quite simple. You only control a shark and eat whatever is in the ocean as much as possible. Be it small fish, coral reefs or even less fortunate humans.

What makes this game interesting is that there is a large selection of sharks to play with. From giant white sharks, megalodon sharks, and many more! Each shark also has unique skills and skins that you can change according to your taste.

Comes with a variety of map options , playing this game will not feel repetitive. Because, each map has its own objectives and uniqueness. That's why you need to play the right shark in every map , gang.
If you download this modified version, you don't need to look for the Hungry Shark World cheat . The reason is, playing the Hungry Shark World 2022 city is less challenging than playing it live.

Download Latest Hungry Shark World MOD APK


Jaka does not recommend downloading the MOD version. The reason is, this modified version is an illegal version and downloading a modified version of the application also has risks. Besides not guaranteed security for your cellphone, MOD APK can also harm the developer.

This fish game can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store. This game that has been downloaded more than 100,000,000+ has become a favorite of many people, gang. In fact, the rating itself reaches 4.6 stars!
Details Hungry Shark World
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
minimal OS Android 5.0 and above
Size 131 MB
Rating 4.6/5.0 (Google Play Store)
Well, for those who can't wait for Hungry Shark World MOD APK for unlimited money, then download the game here. Here is the link to download it for free!
Version Release Date Featured Features Download Link
Original December 22, 2015 -

Google Play Store

Apps Store
v4.7.0 ( latest ) April 18, 2022 1. Unlimited money

2. Unlimited coins & diamonds .

3. Unlock all sharks .

4. No ads .
v4.6.0 January 10, 2022 1. Unlimited money

2. Unlimited coins & diamonds .

3. Unlock all sharks .

4. No ads .
v4.5.0 December 20, 2022 1. Unlimited money

2. Unlimited coins & diamonds .

How to Install Hungry Shark World MOD APK

To install the Hungry Shark World MOD APK 2022 game, it's not difficult, gang. You just follow the steps below.

Delete the previous version of Hungry Shark World game if any
Go to a HP Settings > Security & enable the Unknown Sources
Download the Hungry Shark World cheat 2022 file that Jaka has given above
Click the MOD APK file of Hungry Shark World and install it on the device (Click 'Allow from this source' if prompted)
Wait until the installation process is complete

Differences Hungry Shark World Original Version with MOD APK

Basically, Hungry Shark World MOD APK unlimited coins and diamonds is a modified version of the official game. So, there are several features that you can enjoy right away without having to start from scratch. Here is the list.

Hungry Shark World Original Version Hungry Shark World MOD Version
Limited money. Infinite money.
Can't Godmode. Can God mode.
Unlimited Gems. Unlimited Gems.
Pearls are limited. Pearls are unlimited.
Splash Pass is locked. Splash Pass opens.
Limited HP. HP will not decrease.
Items are locked. All items open.
There are ads. No ads.

Hungry Shark World features and advantages

This shark game is becoming more and more popular thanks to its existing features. Considering that this game has a version of Hungry Shark World Unlimited Money, of course your playing experience will be more exciting, gang.

Well, of course you're curious, right? Here it is a collection of superior features!

1. Unlimited Money

This feature is only available in the MOD version. Basically, you will immediately get an unlimited amount of money.

Well, the money can be directly used to buy the shark you want. You can also buy skins, items, and more. Great, right?

2. Open World

Playing in the same location over and over again will definitely feel boring. Fortunately, this game has a complete selection of maps .

Explore the lush Pacific Islands, the frozen Arctic Ocean, the exotic Arabian Sea and the challenging South China Sea!

3. Predator Pets

This is the most unique feature you will find in this game. Having trouble eating food? You can take advantage of the help of predatory pets.

Baby sharks, whales, octopuses and even a bald eagle are happy to help out with special abilities to boost health, score and more!

4. Varied Gameplay

In total, there are 37 species of sharks with different sizes, shapes and functions. Each has unique abilities, so each mode will feel completely different.

Depending on the sea, choose the most suitable shark species and become the ruler of the sea. You will also be helped by a unique pet.

Important! Risks & Dangers of Using MOD APK

therfore deciding to try and use a modified version, first understand the risks that you can accept as follows:

Vulnerability to viruses and malware : The main risk of files coming from third-party sites is the potential for viruses, as they are not legal from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Permanently banned your account :&  Login or register in MOD APK will be considered as illegal activity.& Your account or email  would potentially be permanently banned by Google.

Hacking of private data :& Installing or logging in the MOD APK file can also hack privacy. The login &  registration data that you enter on the site or APK will be  go to the developer.

Damage your cellphone & If & virus or malware was entered your device, your cellphone may be damaged and completely dead, or the files that was there are completely lost because of a virus.
Disadvantage of the developer & The MOD APK version unlocks premium features that was usually paid for in the original version. So, downloading and playing MOD APK games is a same as closing access to developer income .

Well, because using a MOD APK of Hungry Shark World is a detrimental to developers & dangerous for security, ApkVenue recommends that not trying it!

Wisely, you just upgrade to the original version with a price range of Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 1,499,000 per item on the Google Play Store.

The final word

So many explanations, features, to the download link for Hungry Shark World APK unlimited money from ApkVenue. This casual Android game is really suitable to be played when relaxing, gang. Have a nice play!

Besides that, ApkVenue has provided a link for you to use to download the game directly.& Choose A version of the application wisely, yes, so it was  not to affect your account or device in the future. daily recommends that you just try the original version.

Is there an application or game that you want to download from too? Leave a message in the comments column, OK?

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