How to trick Other People's Facebook Latest 2022 And Tips To Prevent It!

How to trick other people's FB is often one of the questions that arise from its users. Of course, this really needs to be known so that you can better maintain data privacy on this most popular social media .
Unfortunately, because of its high popularity, Facebook (FB) has become an easy target for prankster trickers who want to steal the personal data of its users , friend. Very scary, right?

As a preventive measure, you can learn how to trick Facebook which is commonly used by trickers . But, make sure you don't abuse these methods for fun, okay?

How to trick a FB account by trickers through the Forgot Password method

Basically, the method of how to hijack FB, forget the password , is done when the owner of the Facebook account attempts to access his personal account but does not remember the password he made.
How to trick FB is actually a bit difficult because you have to have access to the target's email or phone number. There are several stages of identification related to the truth of the Facebook owner.

In this article, ApkVenue will discuss how to trick this method so that your account is more protected. Here are the steps on how to trick a Facebook account that you need to pay attention to, friend.


daily-techs discussion here is not to teach you how to trick other people's Facebook, but only as an education so that you are more aware of the security of your personal account.

1. Select the option "Forgotten Account?"

First , trickers need access to the email address and phone number used by the victim to register for a Facebook account.

trickers will enter in the Email or Phone field and click the Forgotten Account? at the bottom of the login column as shown in the image below.

2. Choose the Reset Password Option from Various Methods

Furthermore, the tricker will be able to choose three methods used to reset the FB account of the person who wants to be tricked .

Next he will choose an option then click Continue to continue, friend.

2A. Login Using Email

The first method can enter directly using email, be it Yahoo or Gmail . Here, make sure you already know the email password from the victim, friend.
Therefore, you must really keep the email and password you have. Don't be careless and give it to just anyone.

2B. Send Security Code

Almost the same as before, the perpetrator can also send a security code to reset the victim's FB account password using an email or phone number.

For the method of using email, the person trying to do the hijacking must be able to login at the email used.

For those who use the phone number method, Facebook will send a security code to the registered phone number. So, don't let your SMS and phone logs on your cellphone be seen by people, okay?

3. What If You Don't Have Access?

If they do not have access to all three, the perpetrator can also choose the option No longer have access to these? located at the bottom to try other methods.

4. Try logging in and guessing the password

Unlike previous versions, Facebook no longer provides the option of resetting passwords via recovery email , security questions , or sending security codes via three friends .

This time the perpetrator will be asked to guess the Facebook password used by the victim by clicking the Enter Password to Login button . It can be a date of birth and so on.

If all methods do not work, he can click I cannot access my email account .

Up to this point, it is clear that how to trick people's FB using the forgotten password method is actually very difficult to do, even at high risk.

Access to the target's email or phone number is required to run it. Therefore, make sure to always keep your personal data private . Don't let your personal account appear freely on the internet, even if it's just a phone number and email address.

A collection of how to trick someone else's facebook without a password

As stated earlier, how to trick Facebook via PC with the forgotten password method will most likely be difficult to do for now.

However, in addition to the methods above, there are other ways to trick Facebook without a password that are often done by real trickers , friends.

They use special software to expedite the action. By knowing this method, you will be better educated to protect the security of the account used.

Generally this method is common and commonly used by trickers , then what are the steps? Here's the full review!

1. How to trick Facebook Account With Keylogger

The first and the easiest for trickers to do is to use keylogging techniques where the Geektrick facial method is becoming quite popular lately.

trickers simply install keylogger software on the victim's PC or laptop and this program will record everything the victim typed into a log .

Later, these logs will be able to be sent to trickers either via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) network or email, you know.

How to trick Facebook using keylogger software has become very popular and the keylogger itself is now in the category of malware , friend.

2. How to trick People's Facebook Accounts with Fake Login

By using the phishing technique method , it is very easy to trick users into submitting their login information voluntarily.

By tricking this person's FB, the victim will be provoked using a fake login page that is exactly the same as Facebook, but actually has a different URL , friend!

Just like the login steps in general, the victim will enter an email address and password which will then be stored in the tricker text file .

This saved text file will then be saved as a way to trick Facebook easily and quickly because the email and password are already available, friend. Horrible, right?

3. How to  trick Facebook Account With Termux

One of the FB tricking methods which in recent years has become a trend is the method of how to trick FB via Termux , friend.

As an application that brings Linux functionality into Android that allows its users to run scripts to trick FB accounts.

This method is fairly easy-to-easy because even though it is quite technical, users can easily run scripts created by other users.

How to trick Facebook Termux is also very dangerous because it can be done without using a root cellphone and can be done by everyone, friend!

4. How to trick FB Account with Profile ID

Beginner trickers will usually go to Facebook tricking service sites scattered in the internet world, such as using FaceSpy or Sam tricker.

On these sites, you generally only need to provide the victim's Facebook account username and the service will process it automatically.

This community of trickers does have its own forum around tricking FB accounts and other social media. So, you as a user have to be even more careful in accessing social media.

Fortunately, this method of tricking FB via username is rather difficult to access and will often require fees from the applicant , the friend.


ApkVenue does not recommend you to apply this trick method to other people's Facebook accounts! This information is only for knowledge so that you can avoid this kind of harmful things!

How to trick Facebook Without Password More...

In addition to the three steps above, there are several other methods that trickers usually use to trick Facebook accounts. You will read more in the following article:

Method To Protect Facebook Account from FB trick Attack (Guaranteed to be Effective)

After knowing that trickers have a way of tricking other people's Facebook without email and password , of course you have to be more careful, friend.

Previously, ApkVenue had also discussed things that you should not do on Facebook and potentially invite trickers .

In addition, there are also some technical steps that you must pay attention to to keep your Facebook account safe, including:

1. Don't Use Personal Email Address

he first thing you can do to avoid tricking a FB account is not to use a personal email address to register for Facebook.

The goal is clear to avoid the possibility of your closest friends using the email for tricking attempts , friend.

To change your personal email address, you can go to the Settings menu > General > Contact and add a new email address that is used to log in to Facebook.

If you don't have a backup email, follow the guide on how to create an email on your cellphone and laptop from daily first, friend!

2. Hide Email View

Next, you can hide the email display on the contact details of the Facebook account that you use so that how to trick someone's Facebook account doesn't work for you.

In addition to avoiding things that are phishing and spam to email addresses, you can also minimize tricker attacks on your Facebook account.

To hide it, go to the Profile > About > Contact and basic info > Email page and then select the Only Me option so that the email address is only visible to you.

This way, it will be more difficult for other people to find out which email address you use to access Facebook, so you won't be an easy target for them.

3. Add Trusted Contacts

Then, you can also learn account recovery methods through your closest friends, which in this way can make your Facebook account much more secure.

You can choose three to five friends that Facebook can contact when you lose access to your Facebook account .

To add a trusted contact you can go to the Settings menu > Security and login > Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you are locked out and select the suggested contact list.

4. Use Two-Step Verification

To protect your account from how to trick Facebook with software , you can add two-step verification for more secure protection, friend.

To activate this feature, you simply go to the Settings menu > Security and login > Use two-factor authentication and follow the instructions that Facebook provides.

This is an additional method designed by Facebook to make its users feel more secure when accessing their service.

With this method, trickers will find it difficult to apply the FB trick method to your already more protected account.

5. Change Password Periodically

Finally, you can take preventive steps by changing your Facebook account password regularly, for example a month or even once a week, friend.

In addition, make sure you create a password that is safe and according to the criteria that ApkVenue has reviewed here:


Generally, the technical steps for securing a Facebook account above can be accessed through the Settings menu and on the Security and login menu.

The final word

Now you know, right, how to trick Facebook easily and quickly which is often used by irresponsible trickers ? So you can take protective steps to prevent it from happening to your personal account.

daily reminds me once again, don't try the trick methods above to trick other people's accounts, okay? It's illegal and very risky!

You can try the Facebook account security method that daily also included above, friend. You don't have to worry anymore, your data has been stolen by bad people.

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