How to Reduce Video Size Without Reducing Quality, It Can Be On Mobile Too!


How to compress videos without reducing the quality, is it possible? That's right, here, you've stopped at Jaka's article. You see, we will discuss how to reduce video size quickly and easily!

Video file sizes in general are very large and the hard drive will fill up quickly if you like to collect video movies or TV series .

Reducing the size of the video does not always mean lowering the quality of the video . You can also do this kind of work without reducing the quality of the video in the slightest.

This is possible thanks to the sophistication of today's software, so you don't have to worry that after compressing the image quality will decrease drastically.

With the guide that ApkVenue shared this time, you can be more free in storing various collections of your favorite videos without having to worry about the hard drive being full.

This method of compressing videos without reducing the quality can also be done on a cellphone or laptop , and both can be done very easily even without an application, you know!

1. How to Compress Video & an Android Phone.

>> Download Video Compressor & Panda via %Google Play Store <<

The first way to compress videos that daily techs recommends is to use HP_ Android as the medium . How's the guide? Is it really possible?

Thanks to the sophistication of today's technology, Android phones are able to do various kinds of advanced work and one of them is to reduce the video size .

Curious about how to compress videos on an Android phone? Here are the full steps.

Download and install Panda Video Compressor APK

Download the app

 2. Open the app.
 3 .Select the video you want to reduce in size.
 4.Set the video size you want.
5.Select the Compress menu .
6.Select the Save menu to save the compressed video.

That's the easy and fast way to compress videos on Android phones using the Panda Video Compressor application.

Amazingly, the Panda Video Compressor application is that you will be notified before and after the results of the video that you have compressed. Cool, right?

2. How to Reduce Video Size on iPhone

It's not just Android phones that you can use to reduce the video size. HP iPhone also supports this feature .

How to reduce video size on iPhone does n't even need jailbreak and others . So, this method is very safe for those of you who want to try it.

Here are some steps on how to compress videos on iPhone that you can follow.

Download and install the VidCompress application on the App Store.

Open the app.

Select the Compress menu .

Select the video to compress.

Press the OK menu .

You select the Download icon menu in the upper right corner.

The video has been successfully compressed and automatically saved in the gallery.

In the VidCompress application you are not given a choice of pixel size or video quality that you want to compress. This application will automatically compress your video about 80% of the original video.

3. How to Compress Videos on a PC/Laptop Without Applications

For PC users, there are actually various ways to reduce video size. One of the easiest is the trick that ApkVenue will discuss here.

Actually, you can also do this video editing on an Android phone or iPhone. However, to make it easier and faster, ApkVenue recommends that you do it on a Laptop/PC only .

Here are some steps that you can follow in a series of ways to compress videos online on a PC without using any application.

Go to the VideoSmaller site ( ).

Upload the video you want to compress.

Set the quality of the compression results.

Press the Upload Video button .

Click the file download link to save the compressed vid

Take care:

if you don't want to use the low compression option, please adjust the size and quality of the video you want. You can also remove audio from the video to be compressed.

I'm done! Tight videos will be saved directly in the storage folder. Quite easily, how can you compress high quality online videos above?

4. How to compress videos on personal / laptop using applications

In addition to using video compression sites on the internet, you can also use special software to reduce the size of the video.

You can use this software when your internet connection is bad , and you have trouble accessing the site that ApkVenue recommended earlier.

Even though it's a bit of an effort , this editing program is much more flexible to use and the process is faster. Here are the steps:

Download and install the HandBrake application .

Download the app

Open the app.

Click the File option under Source Selection .

Find and select the video to compress.

Click Open .

Adjust the settings according to the image on the Video tab .

Select and set the compressed file storage folder.

Click the Start Encode button .

Wait until the process is complete.

When the video has been successfully compressed, the words Queue Finished will appear as a sign that the encoding process has been completed.

The length of the video encoding duration will be affected by the file size. So, you must be patient if the video you compress is large.u

From the experimental results that Jaka did, we can see that the HandBrake application is optimal enough to try to reduce the video size on a laptop.

(BONUS) Recommended Video Compress Website

There are several popular sites that you can use to compress videos. This method is guaranteed to be very effective for those of you who are lazy to download applications and make your cellphone full.

1. YouCompress

his site is quite famous and is used as a reference for people who want to know how to compress videos quickly and easily.

Later, you only need to enter the video that you want to reduce in size, then wait a few moments until the compression process runs perfectly.

>>> Visit YouCompress official Website here 


TVideo2Edit site is a video compression site that is worth it and is worth a try for those of you who need to quickly reduce recordings.

The method is more or less the same as similar sites, starting from inserting the video file into the column provided, then the compression process will run automatically.

>>> Visit Video2Edit official Website 
If you want to know more about the best and fast video compression site or application, you can read daily techs article entitled Best Video Compress Application on HP or you can click the banner below

The final word

That's how to compress videos without compromising on quality across multiple devices. Isn't it easy to compress the video steps? It doesn't confuse you, does it?

Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks and news about technology from

Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks and news about technology from

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