How to Download Slideshare for Free & Without Login Newest 2022: Easy & Free!

Download Slideshare is an alternative that you can do when you get the task of making interesting PowerPoint presentations , friend. & in terms of content and design.

However, making a presentation that looks attractive in terms of content and design is certainly not easy. Moreover, to make it look professional, you also have to spend even more effort.

The good news is for you, now there are several file sharing sites that can provide interesting presentation ideas, you know. One that is quite popular is Slideshare .

On this site belonging to the giant Microsoft company, there are lots of interesting files that you can use as reference material for your presentation.

Even so, downloading presentation files on Slideshare can't be arbitrary, friend. This site requires users to have an account so that you can login first.

Even though you have logged in , how to download on Slideshare is also quite complicated for many users. No wonder many are switching to other sites.

Then, how to download Slideshare files for free for visitors who don't have an account? Just see how here!

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is one of the largest & online presentation file sharing sites in the world. On this site, you can find millions of ideas for interesting presentation materials, friends.

In addition, Slideshare also has millions of active users and millions of presentation files that you can use as reference material to make you look professional

When you see interesting presentation files on the site, you can download them so you can use them for various purposes.

Unfortunately, even though you already have a login using your Slideshare account, you can't download all the available files , friend. You can only download certain types of files.

Then, is there a way to download Slideshare without logging in ? The answer is of course there is! To be able to do that, you can take advantage of various Slideshare downloader sites for free, you know.

What are the sites in question? Just take a look below, yes!

How to download on Slideshare without logging in via Simply Debrid
Are you looking for a way to download Slideshare PPT or other file types without logging in at all? Don't be confused, friend!

For the first method, you can use this site called Simply Debrid . Just follow the steps below!

Open a browser , visit the site .

Copy or paste the URL of the file you are looking for

Open the Simply Debrid site in a new tab.

Paste the URL of the file in the column provided.

Click the Generate Link button at the bottom of the column.

scroll the bottom of a site & click download
How are you, friend? It's easy, right? In addition to PPT files, you can download Slideshare PDF and other files for free without the hassle of creating an account and _login. _

How to Download on Slideshare Without Login Through Slideshare Downloader

Apart from going through the Simply Debrid site, you can also use Slideshare Downloader , friend.

How to download Slideshare without logging in via Slideshare Downloader is very easy. Here are the steps!

Go to the site .

Find the file you want to download, then copy or copy the URL of the file

Visit the site in a browser .

Paste the URL of the file in the column provided.

Click Downloads .

The file will automatically download and you just need to wait until all the process is complete.

The final word

That was how to download Slideshare for free and without logging in at all, gang. Some of them you can take advantage of the Simply Debrid and Slideshare Downloader sites as daily has reviewed above.

After you use this method, the contents of your presentation are guaranteed to be much more attractive and look professional. Interesting right?

Well, apart from a PC or laptop, you can also follow the steps above to download Slideshare files on Android or iPhone, you know. So, good luck, huh!

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