5 Most Practical & Safest Ways to Move Applications to SD Card, Can Without Root HP!

How to move applications to an SD card is important to know, especially if you like downloading high-graphic Android games which of course take up a lot of memory, friend.

Currently, to move applications to the SD Card can be done without having to root the cellphone used first, the Android operating system currently offers better flexibility.

For those of you who stop by dailys-article this time because your cellphone memory is starting to fill up, daily will share a trick on how to move applications to the easiest memory card.

The method that ApkVenue will share this time does not require a special application, it is also very easy to follow, and most importantly, it is guaranteed to work 100%!

How to Move Apps to SD Card with Settings:

f you set the SD card as internal storage, you can move some apps to the card. This method gives more storage space for apps that can't be moved to the card.

However, this method doesn't work for some phones with Android 9 Pie OS and doesn't work at all on phones with Android 10 and Android 11 operating systems. & how to move apps to  SD card.

Open the Setting & menu and select  the Applications .
Select the application or game that you want to move to the memory card.
Select the Change Storage menu , and select SD Card .
Wait a few moments until the data transfer process is complete.

 How to transfer applications to USB memory stick:

IUSB Debugging is a feature that can only be used if you have enabled Developer Options. This method requires a laptop to move apps to the SD card.

Here's a guide to moving apps to a memory card using USB Debugging:

Activate Developer Options by tapping 7 times on Build Number .
Enable the USB Debugging feature .
Connect your cellphone and laptop with the built-in USB cable
Move folders or application data to SD Card easily.

How to Move Apps to SD Card with AppMgr III

Appmgr III is an application used to move application storage from internal storage to external storage or SD card.

This application serves to move applications to the SD Card and vice versa. You can download this application for free on the Google Play Store. Here's how to move apps this way:

Download and open the AppMgr III application on your cellphone .
Go to the Moveable tab .
A display of any applications that can be moved to the SD card appears.
Click the app, and tap the Move to SD card button .
Wait a few moments until the transfer process is complete.

How to Move Apps to SD Card Without Additional Apps

In this experiment, ApkVenue will show you how to move applications to the SD card on a Xiaomi cellphone. How to move applications to a Xiaomi SD card without root should also be able to be done on other brands of cellphones.

If your cellphone is the latest Asus , the latest Samsung or even OPPO, you can use this method.

You can also use this trick as a way to move game data to the SD Card without root, so you will be more flexible in installing games on your cellphone. Here are the steps:

Open the Settings menu on the HP.
Go to the Settings menu, select the Apps menu on your cellphone.
Select the app/game you want to move.
Select the Replace menu .
Change the storage &  settings to SD card .
Select Move Application and wait for the data transfer process to complete.
You can also use these steps as a way to move game data to an SD card without root.

Note that NOT ALL APPLICATIONS OR GAMES CAN BE MOVED TO THE MEMORY CARD this way, but it is very likely that your installed games will be able to be moved here.

How to Move Apps to SD Card with Additional Apps

If the steps above are specifically for those who want to move applications to the SD card without the help of additional applications, then you can also use third-party applications as an alternative.

Currently, there are many applications for moving applications from SD cards, but most of them require a rooted cellphone in order to use them.

Well, this time ApkVenue will tell you how to move an SD card with the help of an application called Link2SD .

This application does not require root access, but you will get more features if you do. Rather than curious, here are the steps.

Download and open the Link2SD application .
Select the application you want to move.
Move the app to the SD card by selecting the Move to SD card button .
Click OK .
You have also succeeded in moving the application to the SD card. Not only applications, you can also use Link2SD for how to move heavy games to the SD card, friend.

You can also enjoy the OBB Linking feature, so you don't have to bother figuring out how to move OBB to an SD card without root.

The final word

That's an explanation of how to move apps to a 2022 SD card without root that you can do easily. For those of you who download games and large applications, you no longer need to worry about the memory being full quickly.

Thanks to more free memory, your phone will be more responsive when used. This will make you comfortable in running various applications and games on a regular basis, friend.

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